The Perfect Affair (The Shady Sisters Trilogy Book 1) by Lutishia Lovely

The Perfect AffairGenerally being in love is a wonderful thing, when two people are involved.  There are dreams of life ever after and smiles and giggles.  Then reality settles in and you wonder where did all of this come from and you are amazed that your dreams did not look like this.  Is it possible to make your dreams turn into reality or are they just that, dreams?

Jacqueline Tate has everything that any woman would want, she is naturally beautiful, has an awesome job that she has dreamed of and is carefree with no worries.  While on assignment, Jacqueline meets one of the scientist that she is to interview.  In the process, the relationship turns from professional to personal and things start to heat up for Jacqueline, but she is determined to remain professional about him.  Through a series of events thing go from 0 to 1000 with Jacqueline and no one can tell her to slow down because she knows and understands her love for him and his love for her, or does she?  Will this be the beginning of a lasting relationship or the ending of a career?

The Perfect Affair is the first book in The Shady Sisters Trilogy and it is starting off with a BANG!  It gives you drama, romance, suspense, everything that you need in a series titled Shady Sisters!  I absolutely love the characters that Lovely has in her novels and this new series is NOT going to disappoint.  I can’t wait for it to be released nationwide for everyone to enjoy it as much as I have.  The Perfect Affair releases nationwide June 2014 so pre-order it now on or

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Budussy2 by Eros

budussy 2There aren’t many things that connect people from different walks of life but the one thing that does is sex. No matter who they are or where they come from if they are sexually attracted to each other, nothing else matters.

Paul and Joyce Ware return in this second installment as the last episode ended, happy with no problems.  That is until one day Paul goes for his daily run and falls into a hole that he is going to have problems getting out of. Brenda and David Forbes are the longtime next door neighbors of The Wares and their daughters are best friends and go to college together.  How can one sunny morning almost destroy this longtime friendship and how will the daughters react?

District Attorney Jean Parker is taking down crime one criminal at a time and she cuts no one any slack.  When she runs up against her biggest problem yet Robert Foster AKA Mr. Biggs she is warned by her fiance Web Johnson not to take it personally but little does Parker know Mr Biggs is not the one she should be worried about.

Budussy 2 is bringing in some new characters to the cast that is bringing out and expanding the storyline.  It gives the story more direction to go in than just sex. There is sex in there don’t get me wrong the book wouldn’t live up to its name if their wasn’t sex in there, but it isn’t as intense as in book one and for ME that makes the book better.  The characters have substance and purpose and we see them going somewhere, I truly enjoyed this second installment of the series.  I look forward to reading more from Eros in the future.

Budussy 2 is available for purchase through in Kindle only.

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The Al-Ex Project (Alternative Existence) by C.M. Donaldson

the al ex projectAccording to Merriam-Webster the word dream means 1.) a series of thoughts, visions, or feelings that happen during sleep, 2.) an idea or vision that is created in your imagination and that is not real, 3.) something that you have wanted very much to do, be, or have for a long time.  So does that mean that our dreams are fantasy?  What if you had a way to find out?

Alex is a brilliant scientist with a brilliant mind full of curiosity.  When the opportunity presented itself to work with The Scientist George, Alex jumped at the chance.  Along came Kay-Johanna, the woman which would become Alex’s wife and life was now just grand.  The project that Alex was working on with The Scientist hit home because Alex had been having bad dream or night terrors since he was a small child after the death of his parents and then again later in life so to see dream analysis was totally fascinating to them both.  But how would they do it and would it work?  And if it worked what would they do with the information they obtained from the research?  Would this be ground-breaking or detrimental to the test subjects life?  Only time would tell.

The Al-Ex Project is sci-fi fantasy but who knows what the future holds, it could very well become reality.  It is a very interesting book with the cast of characters that are interwoven in the story because you have characters from the dreams involved in the story and some of them play a reoccurring role in the lives of the characters.  CM Donaldson writes a very captivating story that doesn’t even feel like sci-fi.  This is my first encounter with Donaldson but it is NOT my last.

The Al-Ex Project is available for purchase on (paperback and Kindle), (paperback only) and

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