A Tale Of A Rough Diamond by P. J. Mann

Tale of a rough Diamond awardThere is a thing called free will and we all have it.  It is designed to give you the option to make decisions whether good or bad without someone else telling you what to do and how to do it.  If you decide to do opposite of everyone else does that make you a bad person or just unique?  How do you know when you should make a change and is it necessarily going to better you?

Stephan Mills is your typical teenaged boy.  He likes hanging out with his friends.  What Stephan considers friends others might consider troublemakers.  Stephan knows what others think but isn’t really concerned because he likes them.  He is the baby in the family so there is always a slight difference between the baby and the oldest child.  How do you handle sibling rivalries when they are so extreme that it is almost fatal?  Do you try to push them together or keep them separate and make differences between them?

A Tale Of A Rough Diamond is a book about choices.  Choices by people who feel that their choice is the correct one, but for who?  The characters interact with well each other but the story line takes a while to get going.  When you finally get to the meat of the story then you are at the end of the story.  Once you complete the book you understand the title.  I would like to read more work from P.J. Mann.

A Tale Of A Rough Diamond is available for your reading pleasure through Amazon.com (Paperback and Kindle) and Barnes and Noble (Paperback).

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Black President: The World Will Never Be The Same by Brenda Hampton

black president1Being the President of the United States takes a lot of smarts and heart.  There are things that POTUS will undergo that regular people will never have to.  Once you get in office if you don’t show the world that you aren’t scared they will eat you alive and then you will be known as a has been.  How do you go about showing the world that you have earned your title?  Do you go along to get along or do you come out like gangbusters and take the world in your hands?

Stephen C. Jefferson is a no nonsense type of guy.  He is all about business and has no filter.  Once Stephen won the presidency he decided to get started on his agenda that he ran on and anyone who showed that they weren’t loyal was out of the picture.  If you weren’t on Team Jefferson you weren’t on any team at all.  Involved with his team was his mother and his wife, Raynetta and they weren’t exempt from being put off the team.  The one thing is for sure is when Stephen C. Jefferson puts his mind to something he is going to go ahead with it and anyone trying to stop him better beware!

Black President: The World Will Never Be The Same is a book filled with drama!  Clearly from the title you can see that we have another black president but the difference between the two you will see immediately!  The characters will keep you laughing in-between telling them what you think they should or shouldn’t do.  You are reading but it feels like you are watching them on tv and that makes for good reading.  Hampton shows you how a novel is supposed to be written and I always look forward to her next read.

Black President: The World Will Never Be The Same is available everywhere you find your favorite novels, Kindle, Audible and Nook book.

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Something New: An Interracial Romance by Janie De Coster

something newIn the world that we live in today it seems like race determines everyones motive.  You can barely talk to anyone without race coming into the conversation, since when did race become so important?  When and how did race make decisions for the smallest of things?  Are we a better society if we let race rule our decisions or should we let fate take it’s course?

Brylane Robinson is a smart young woman with her entire future in front of her.  She has a job and she is taking classes to get her degree.  She used to believe in love until her now ex-boyfriend gave her a reason not to.  Brylane has dreams, dreams to leave the South side of Chicago and that mentality of we can’t do better because of where we are from.  She wants the American dream and she knows she can get it, on her own terms.  Will Brylane’s destiny be changed on that one fateful day that she is involved in a car accident?  Will she continue on course or will she detour and fall into that mentality that she has tried so hard to get away from?

Tobias Benton is a legacy kid.  His family has been in business and politics for as long as he can remember and he is next in line to take over the family business.  He thought that he was content with his current life until he determined that he is following a dream that was created for him NOT by him.  He does not have the same views that his family has and that is going to create waves for him.  How does he have the life that he deserves and keep his family happy at the same time?  If a decision is put in front of him, will he go along to get along or will he be the independent man that he was raised to be?

Something New is a romance novel.  From the title you can see that it is an interracial novel but the romance overrules the racial.  It is written about two people in love that just happen to be of a different race but that does not overpower the novel.  I love the way that De Coster makes this a standalone but it is clear that it could go into series.  The characters just flow with each other and you can see this playing out like it is right in front of you.  It has you asking questions of the characters and even talking back to them.  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read, I read it in one day so you could too.

Something New: An Interracial Romance is available everywhere you buy your favorite books, Amazon.com (both paperback and Kindle editions), BN.com (paperback only).

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Black & White by Ben Burgess Jr.

black and whiteFor whatever reason race relations have always been a difficult thing.  I’m not sure if it is a fear of the unknown or reliving our ancestors past but one thing is for certain, things are just barely better than they were back in the slavery days.  We have to do better.

Ben is a successful lawyer who is trying to become partner in his firm.  He is doing everything he possibly can to prove to them that he needs no he deserves the position but he has one major obstacle with them.  Should Ben sell his soul just to obtain partnership or should he be that respectable man that he was raised to be and let the chips fall where they may?

Bill is also a successful lawyer at the same firm who is also trying for the partnership.  While Bill has a good winning record, his chances for partner are greater than Ben’s for a reason that should not be taken into consideration.  How will Bill deal with receiving a position that was biased from the start?  Is he selling his soul or just going along with the flow?

Black & White is a book that even if you aren’t living it you can relate to.  It is about how without knowing all the facts, basically we all are a little racist.  Do we judge people on their character or on events that happened in the past?  This book makes you ask many questions of yourself and why you may or may not do things.  Burgess has brought an issue that has been plaguing society to the forefront and is making you think.  I love the story line and the way the characters make you feel like you are walking in their shoes.  I was asking question of myself while reading and to me that is the sign of a great novel and author.  I would encourage you to read this novel, great job Burgess!

Black & White is available for purchase through Amazon.com (Kindle and Paperback) and BN.com (Paperback only).

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The Doctor Is In by Carl Weber and Brenda Hampton

THE DOCTOR IS INWhere is the line drawn between obsession and stalking?  How far do you go to show someone that you like them?  How far is too far and how do you know when to stop?  Is there a such thing as a healthy obsession?

Dr. Kasen Phillips is a counselor who has a heart of gold.  He is very empathetic with his patients and that makes for a great counselor and a great man.  The love of his life, Rain, is the woman that he has been waiting for all of his life.  Once it finally clicked that he needs to make some changes for his happiness everything is going so fast he can barely keep up.  Is this the right decision and has he gone about it correctly or has Kasen messed up for good?

Voncile Harper is Dr. Kasen’s office manager and she is very thorough at her job.  She takes taking care of Dr. Kasen and his business very seriously and she will not let anyone interfere with her business.  When Voncile decided that she wanted to do more than take care of Dr. Kasen she sets forth a plan and when that plan gets started, everyone in her way better beware!

The Doctor Is In is a very well written book by two excellent authors.  You always know that you are going to get a great read when you have two powerhouses collaborating. Weber and Hampton have distinct writing styles and you know they are going to give you a story that flows, the characters go well together and it will leave you with a solid feeling that the story is completed.  I look forward to reading more from these authors in the future.

The Doctor Is In is available in various formats everywhere books are sold, Kindle, paperback, hardback, Nook and audible editions.

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Like A Closed Fist by E.H. Nolan

LIKE A CLOSED FISTBeing alone and being lonely are two very different things.  When people are trying to figure out which is which then the lines become blurred and that is when the trouble begins.  Which is worse, being alone or being lonely?  For some there is no difference.

Phoebe Pliesze is a beautiful young girl who has the world at her fingertips but she just doesn’t see it.  Phoebe is family orientated but when her mother passed away the family seemed to part instead of getting stronger.  Kennedy Wilson was the one person who Phoebe thought would sweep her off her feet and take her away from everything.  The problem is when you are banking on someone else and not yourself, that is when you run into issues that you can not fix.  What do you do to make sure that your happiness comes first?  Do you take matters into your own hands or leave it to chance?

Like A Closed Fist is a book about life decisions.  When you are looking at your life and making knee jerk decisions you have to suffer some consequences.  The main character is based on some people that we may know in life and she may drive you crazy but just like in life you stay right by their side watching the train wreck.  Phoebe’s character is not a complex person but she is intense.  This is a borderline romance novel that you will have to pay close attention to or else you will get lost.  Nolan will make you work for this one.

Like A Closed Fist is available to purchase on Amazon.com (Both Kindle and paperback) and BN.com (Paperback only).

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Mommy Please Help Me Get My Baby Back by Shaquana Jackson


Living life is difficult enough but when you have factors that interfere with basic survival it makes life unbearable.Who do you turn to when you feel like you have no one to turn to?  What should you do besides running screaming tearing your hair out?  Is there any way that you can bounce back from this?

Aniya is trying to be a normal 16-year old teenager but her life is far from normal.  She is in high school and just happens to be dating Malik, the star of the football team.  That is where Aniya’s normalcy ends.  Her mother Anita is giving her problems that she doesn’t know if she can handle but the one thing she does know is that she loves her mother very much.  But will her love for her mother be enough to keep her happy?

Anita is far from a perfect mother but she does her very best and that’s all that can be asked of her.  When Anita tries to find some joy in her dismal life she soon finds out that everything that glitters ain’t gold.  Does she deserve her pot of gold or will life give her a lump of coal?

Malik is the boy everyone loves to be around.  He is good-looking, popular and a star athlete. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with him.  The only person who doesn’t agree with all of Malik’s decisions was his mother, but that is a mother for you.  How can Malik live the life he wants if he is being pulled in many different direction?  Who will survive in Malik’s future?

Mommy Please Help Me Get My Baby Back is a story about family and real life situations.  You have decisions to make and sometimes you have to suffer the consequences but the end result is you should learn from your experiences.  This is a well written story that keeps you involved in the storyline and makes you want to know what is coming next.  From the title you can tell that there is a desperate plea from one of the characters but you will be pleasantly surprised how everything turns out.  This is my first time reading this author but it won’t be my last.

Mommy Please Help Me Get My Baby Back is available for purchase through Amazon (both Kindle and paperback) and BN.com (Paperback).

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