Appearances Too: A Novel by K. Reshay

26112378_10103464834835276_4973412577104469937_nThere comes a time in our lives where we have to go along to get along.  Meaning go along with the program so that there are no issues.  Sometimes that isn’t a problem if everyone is on the same page but when you have someone who has a different agenda then you have to figure out another way to “get along.”  How would you proceed if the very person that you are supposed to “get along” with is moving forward with a different plan?  Do you stick to the original plan or do you play follow the leader?

Toni and Ty are having a rough time of it.  Ty is still in the hospital from his brutal attack and Toni is right by his side.  Toni is trying to help him remember but she just doesn’t have the answers that Ty is looking for.  Ty is upset with Toni because she is useless in this process.  This makes Toni feel helpless but who can she turn to?  What can Toni do to help Ty along this journey?  Is it her job to help or should she just let nature run its course?

Mya and Steven are so much in love.  As Mya prepares for her wedding that will top all weddings she stops to think about her best friend Toni and her husband Ty.  She wonders what is going on with them ONLY because she overheard her soon to be husband Steven and their friend Rickey talking.  Mya is now wondering about reaching out to inquire about a few things that she overheard.  But on second thought, if it doesn’t directly affect Mya then it is none of her concern.  What type of friend doesn’t check on her best friends’ husband?  How much longer is Mya going to play the victim and be a real and true friend to Toni?

Appearances Too is the follow-up book to Appearances where it tells the story of college friends that move forward with their lives.  The problem is that sometimes you have to put up appearances to deal with certain people or situations.  The characters in this book work well together.  The story line keeps you wondering what is going on and have you thinking of ways to fix the problems.  I read the book in a few hours so you will too.  K. Reshay did a very good job on this second edition and I can’t wait on the next novel.

Appearances Too is available through (Kindle and paperback) and Barnes and Noble (Paperback only).

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The Holland Family Saga Part One: They Don’t Mind Dying by Clever Black

They Dont mind dyingFamily ~ a word that is supposed to mean more than anything in the world.  To some it means love, loyalty, commitment, respect, EVERYTHING!  To others it means nothing more than kinship.  Who you consider your family is something totally different, everyone that you consider family is not family by blood.  Those family members are those have proven to you that they are loyal to you and will have your back no matter what and that means more to you than bloodline.

Katrina Sanders is a beautiful little girl who wants nothing more than to be loved by her mother like all little girls.  Problem is due to circumstances beyond Katrina’s control she can not attain that love that she wants and desires so much so she has to get that love from somewhere else.  Manny Taylor and his mother Joyce would show Katrina what the true meaning of family is.

Manny Taylor Jr. is a teenager who has to live the life of the man of the household.  Living with his mother after his father was taken from his life way too early has made Manny become a man early on.  Doing the only thing that he knows to do to survive, Manny understands family and has his blood family plus his street family and there is nothing that he won’t do to protect either of them.

Ben Holland has been living with his aunt since his parents died when he was young.  When Ben becomes a teen and his aunt realizes that he is nothing more than kinship to her, Ben is forced to live on the streets and learn about life.  Ben soon meets Manny and becomes fast friends and realizes that this friendship is more family that he has experienced and this is what he needs to survive.  This friendship fast grows into a larger family and everyone experiences love and loyalty.  Learning the true meaning of ride or die, this begins the Holland Family Saga.

The Holland Family Saga has many characters that contribute to make this a very good book.  You have drama that sends you on an emotional rollercoaster  and that makes for an exciting action packed read.  I believe the word Saga is fitting in this title because it means a long and complicated series of events but it comes to a head and when it does it is explosive!  I have enjoyed this novel by Black and I look forward to the next book in this series.

The Holland Family Saga: They Don’t Mind Dying is available for purchase through (Both paperback and Kindle).

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War Angel by Keith Kareem Williams

war angelLove is supposed to be great, grand even but sometimes it is even stressful. Family even adds an additional component that can make you a little leery but you continue to press on in the name of love.  But what happens when your love is tested and you don’t know which way you should proceed?  Should you go with love or should you tempt fate?

Jahaira Ruiz was the daughter of Caesar Ruiz and she was the apple of her father’s eye.  She could do nothing wrong in her father’s eyes.  Jahaira wishes that she felt the same about her father.  Although Jahaira loves her father deeply he has disappointed her so much, she just doesn’t look at him the same.  It is almost like she pities her father.  When Caesar died suddenly Jahaira feels bad that she has treated her father so poorly, after all he was her father.

Lenox is Jahaira’s boyfriend and have been for two years.  They are in love. Lenox would love to take it to the next level with Jahaira but he has never met anyone from Jahaira’s family or her friends for that matter.  This is an issue for him but is it an issue that is big enough to cause problems for him and Jahaira or can he let this pass?

Hector works for Caesar and is a long time family friend.  Hector feels like he should have more standing with Jahaira in her life but Jahaira only looks at him like a brother.  Hector wants more and is willing to do whatever he has to do to get that across to Jahaira but will that work to get Lenox out of the picture or will Hector just be out in the cold.

War Angel is an action/thriller by Keith Kareem Williams.  This novel has a lot of suspense, action and drama and will keep you guessing until the end of the book.  I really didn’t know what was going to happen, sometimes you can predict what is coming but not in this novel.  I appreciate the fresh approach and the on the edge of your seat writing that this story has.  I have read stories from Williams before and I will be back for more.

War Angel is available for purchase through (Kindle and Paperback) and (paperback only).

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Body Snatchers by Roze’

body snatchersLoyalty is something everyone should possess, it is a character trait that should be displayed by family and those that you consider friends.  When you find someone who is loyal to you and your cause, you keep them near.

David and Jerry are identical twins from Haiti who loves their country but aspire to be better.  The only way that they can see having better is to leave for the United States.  In order to get to the States, they need money and that is where all of their problems begin.  Deciding to go around robbing people to get money, they pick the wrong person to steal from and that has severe repercussions.  Once David and Jerry make it to the States to live with their aunt and cousin they try to take on the role of normal teenagers.  Since they are not known it is easy for them to blend in, but there is always money to be made and they know just how to make it.  Hooking up with some more Haitians, they build the prime crime organization.  Everyone knows as you climb to the top someday you are going to meet some people who you stepped on to get there and when you meet again, it will not be pretty.

Body Snatchers is a tale of life in Haiti and how strong the loyalty to her is.  This book is intense because of the violent content but that is what makes you continue to read it.  The characters flow well together and the story line is strong and consistent.  I enjoyed this book and I look forward to reading more from Roze’ in the near future.

Body Snatchers can be purchased from (paperback and Kindle) and (paperback and Nook)

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Diary of A Stalker by Electa Rome Parks

I was very excited to read this book and I must say, I was not disappointed!!!!!!! The characters Xavier and Pilar are so explosive that they take you on an emotional rollercoaster! There were many times I had to put the book down because I was just blown away with the situation at hand, but I kept picking it back up! I had to know how it ended, and I was very pleased!!!! Electa Rome Parks is an excellent writer and I would recommend everyone pick up the book, you will be on the edge of your seat from the very beginning to the end, non-stop action!!!!!! Great Job!!!!!!

The Stalker Chronicles by Electa Rome Parks

Stalker:  a person who pursues game, prey or a person stealthily.  A person who harasses another person in an aggressive, often threatening and illegal manner.

Xavier Preston is a handsome, single author who has a blockbuster movie out called Diary of A Stalker named after his bestselling book of the same name.  He was once engaged to a smart and beautiful woman named Kendall but because of his infidelity they have gone their separate ways.  The source of Xavier’s unfaithfulness, a woman named Pilar has not gone away just the opposite she is back and if she isn’t happy no one will be!

The Stalker Chronicles will take you through the life of an obsessed woman and her quest to get back the person of her obsession one way or another.  Electa Rome Parks has kicked up the intensity in this book and it truly has you nervous for Xavier and his loved ones.  The storyline is so strong that I found my heart racing with anticipation of what was going to happen next.  I applaud Electa Rome Parks, she is a very strong and consistent author who keeps her readers very, very happy with her stories.  I look forward to reading more from her in the future.

The Stalker Chronicles can be purchased through (paperback and Kindle), (paperback and Nook), Black Expressions (hardback), (ebook), (paperback) along with many other outlets including the publisher’s website