A Survivor’s Story ~ Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month along with Breast Cancer Awareness month.  We so often hear stories about breast cancer and the survivors but we never hear about domestic violence unless it is someone famous and it appears in the news.  Domestic violence is real, it is out there and it is sometimes hard to see because the victims are afraid to seek help because they are fearful for their lives.  There are many resources to help, family, friends, centers for women and children but unless you know and understand that there is someone out there to help you, you will not seek help.


There is a video out by a young lady named Joi Tiffany that she made after she was a victim.  The video is NOT about being a victim, it is about being a survivor.  Her fight back to health and her positive disposition while she was going through her struggle.  She could have given up and because of her injuries that seems like it would have been easy but she didn’t.  Joi did not lose that beautiful smile nor that twinkle in her eye that she has, she has a beautiful spirit and she is destined for greatness!

There are many victims out there who don’t have to be.  If you find yourself in a situation that you want to get out of, please ask for help!!!!!  Go to a family member, friend, church, women’s shelter or call a crisis hotline but don’t stay!


One thought on “A Survivor’s Story ~ Domestic Violence Awareness Month

  1. I was a victim of a crime which starting from my childhood by my relatives which continued into my adulthood. I was brutally victimized by my husband. I come from a long line of women whom were also victims of violence in my family blood line. I want to break the chain and work with other women as an advocate for the next generation. It’s never to late.

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