The Test Of Time (Book 1) by Angela Monay

TheTestOfTimeSoul mate ~ is there a such thing? You know this person is made just for you and you for them but are they really out there? How do you determine who is your soul mate? Is it in your dreams or do you actually meet them in person? Once you connect with this person, where do you go now? Is it automatic that everything is going to be perfect or do you still have to go through the process of making everything just right for your happily ever after?

Zandra Jones is the youngest in her family. Sometimes this makes her the most sensitive but it also makes her the most feisty of the group.  Zandra’s brother Adrian is the oldest of the clan but is also her biggest defender. He doesn’t let anyone hurt Zandra if he can help it. When Zandra reveals her true feelings about who she loves, Adrian is right there to support her. When Zandra get the opportunity to be with her true love she is on cloud nine. This is who she believes to be her soul mate but will everything go as she has dreamed? Will this be everything that she believes it will be or will she be disappointed?

The Test Of Time is a book about faith. The characters have faith in their loved ones that they will always be there to provide love and support to them no matter what. What they find is something different, the support that is given and the love that is received is something to be desired. The characters are aggressive but the story has a decent flow to it. There a few things that caught my eye that Monay might want to improve upon. Watch your editing.  When running spell check programs if you misspell a word but it is an actual word it will not repair it. Also it might make it easier to recognize who the next chapter is about by placing their name at the beginning of the chapter under the number for the chapter. Lastly, page number would help with tracking your progress in the book ~ but that might be the signature of the author. All in all it was a good read and I am looking forward to reading the next installment in this series.

The Test Of Time (Book 1) is available on in both Kindle and paperback editions.

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Stalker by Brenda Hampton

When you hear the word stalker you immediately know that there is going to be problems. What causes a person to become a stalker? Basically it is some sort of obsession with a person. But why that particular person? Is it something they said or something they did? Were they extra nice and you took it to mean something else? Is there any way to stop a stalker or do they just stop on their own? Can you persuade the stalker to change their ways or is this something that is just going to have to play out? What do you do?

Abigal Wilson is a divorcee who is trying to get back into the dating scene, with a teenaged daughter to boot.  Her daughter, Kendall, is constantly fighting with her about every little thing. Her biggest fight is about the man she is dating, Brent. Kendall doesn’t like Brent and Abby isn’t listening because she is in love. Abby and Brent have date night one night and afterwards he tells her that they need to have a talk. The bomb he drops on her knocks her off her feet. She is resistant to accept his words and she decided to investigate what he told her. What Abigal finds out crushes her heart but she is not going to leave it at that. She will NOT be treated like this and if she is unhappy, everybody is going to be unhappy! Who if anybody will come out the victor? How will this change the lives of everybody involved?

Stalker, just by the title you can tell it is going to be drama. Whenever you read a Brenda Hampton book you know you are going to get a good story that will keep you on the hook until the last word and then some! This book has the energy that you need so that you will read until it is finished. I am reviewing the Audible version because just looking at the title I knew that this version would have me on the edge of my seat with my mouth agape! The narrator, Patricia Floyd, did not disappoint with this novel. You find yourself talking back and pausing the reading so that you can gather yourself. I loved this book and I certainly am never disappointed when it comes to Hampton. Kudos again on another great novel!

Stalker is available for purchase everywhere books are sold.

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The Janes by B.M.Hardin

THE JanesThere is a saying ~ like minds think alike.  Would it seem correct that friends that hang around each other act similar?  Or even people who have the same name would appear to act alike?  Not so much like twins or triplets but non related people maybe acting like each other, is it because they want to be like that other person?  What are the chances that this can happen?  Is this done on purpose or by accident?

Mary Jane and her husband Brice are newlyweds who are looking for a house to buy.  They happen to luck up on a realtor who has the perfect house for them.  When they checked out the house, she was right ~ IT WAS PERFECT!!!  Joy overwhelmed them when they bought the house, and they also found that their neighbors were very friendly.  Maybe a little too friendly.  While they were meeting their neighbors, they discovered that there was something strange about the neighborhood.  While Mary Jane was trying to figure out what the issue was with the neighbors, the neighbors was trying to figure out why she wanted to be different.  Couldn’t she just go along to get along or was she going to be the outcast on the block?  Will the neighborhood survive if there started to be differences?

The Janes is a thriller.  This is a dramatic spin on The Stepford Wives and how they would act if everyone had the name Jane.  This novel will surprise you with the level that people will go to so that everything would appear perfect, at least according to them.  The characters seemed to get along and the story flows smoothly.  When there is strife within the community it gives you a sense of urgency because you know that it is going to be fixed in a way like no other.  The Janes is a very well written novel that is an easy read, you should be able to get through it in less than a day and be completely satisfied.

The Janes is available for purchase on (Kindle and paperback).

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