Keeping Panties by Eros

Keeping PantiesMemorabilia ~  objects or materials that are collected because they are related to a particular event, person, etc.: things collected as souvenirs.  For most people these things have sentimental value, to signify a special occasion.  But when it becomes a game, collecting trophies it is no longer special, it is down right frightening!

Agent Bradshaw is a FBI agent who is unlike any other.  Yes he is dedicated but his dedication goes above and beyond.  When his partner is killed in the line of duty while trying to catch a drug king pin, something seems to change for Bradshaw.  His obsession grows but in the middle of his hunt for this king pin, Bradshaw is haunted by a cold case that just got warmed back up by a serial rapist!  How will Agent Bradshaw work these two horrific cases or will these cases work him ~ to DEATH?!?!?

Keeping Panties is a mystery with a slight sexual undertone.   It has an exciting storyline that keeps you interested and wanting more.  It is a quick read because it is a mere 83 pages but the great thing it there is more to come because there is a Keeping Panties 2 available immediately for you to continue the story!  Great read!  Eros is a multidimensional author because he can write from different genres and keep you interested in all of the reads with the same intensity!  I have watched his writing develop and he if coming into his TRUE writing self!  Continue the great work!

Keeping Panties is available for purchase through in Kindle edition only.

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Dangerous Times by Phillip Frey

Dangerous timesIn life we make decision on a daily basis.  Some of those decisions benefit us and some of those decisions could have been thought through a little better, but ultimately we made the best decision we thought at the time.  What would happen if our decision was based on the actions of others, would the outcome be different or would you make the same decision?  Should you throw caution to the wind just because it is someone else pulling the strings or should you still use a level head and make the best decision for the most positive outcome?

Frank Moore is living his life as best he can but he wants more and without his nagging wife Ty.  Ty is a woman scorned not only by her husband but also by her uncle Eddie and if it is the last thing she does Ty wants to pay him back for all of the pain that he has caused her.  Frank and Ty has come up with a plan to get her uncle back but all the while Frank has a plan of his own that doesn’t involve Ty.  Family secrets will hurt the family and the more secrets there are the deeper the pain will go.

John Kirk is just an average joe living an average life, not particularly happy but not totally miserable either.  He has a girlfriend Lisa that he loves, his mother Beverly just adores him and John gets total joy from restoring his old car ~ a 49 Ford.  But if John Kirk could just leave this life and have a new one he would if only he could get the chance, little does John know to be careful what you wish for.

Ben Hicks is a detective with scars ~ his son died, his wife has divorced him and his boss hates him.  Life couldn’t be better if he planned it that way.  Now as fate would have it, Hicks finds himself on the chopping block once again and he see no way out of this one.  If he could just leave this life for a new one, start over somewhere else he would be happier than ever before.  Wishes might just be granted for Hicks, but at what price?

Dangerous Times is a thriller.  The various characters have a six degree of separation situation because their paths are all intertwined and they don’t even know that they are trying to obtain the same goal for the same person.  I enjoy the suspense in this novel and the interaction of the characters and I would love to see them come again in another novel.  I am definitely looking forward to reading more from Phillip Frey in the future. Dangerous Times is available for purchase through (Kindle only), (Nook only), Smashwords (various downloadable editions) and the authors website:

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Vengeance Unleashed by Tony Wade

Vengeance UnleashedThe word Vengeance means:  The act of doing something to hurt someone because that person did something to hurt you or someone else.  Most people might never consider getting revenge on someone who has done them wrong but in certain cases as with Sybil it is just something to past the time away.

Sybil Maines is not you run of the mill every day average woman.  Sybil’s training from her previous employer has her a highly skilled killing machine that can not be stopped.  Sybil doesn’t bother anyone that doesn’t deserve to be bothered and she lies low the majority of the time.  It is not until her previous employer seeks her out to complete one last mission with an offer that she couldn’t possible refuse as much as she try to.  Sybil is two things curious and thorough, though she hates to admit it she will do this for herself not for them.  Little does she know that her employer have an ulterior motive also for wanting specifically her for this mission.

Vengeance Unleashed is an exciting book with some good dramatic fight scenes.  It is a mystery that has you guessing about loyalty and hoping that your suspicions are wrong.  This is Tony Wade’s freshman novel and he has a great imagination and this is a great start to the story, I can’t wait to see how it ends.

I see that Vengeance Unleashed is currently out of print so I hope that means by this book being submitted for review that it is going to be re-released soon.  I look forward to reading more from Tony Wade in the future.

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Fatal Mistake by Cliff Roberts

fatal MistakeThe word perfect according to Merriam-Webster dictionary means: having no mistakes or flaws.  You would be hard pressed to find anything in life that is perfect.  Yet there are those who feel like there can still commit the perfect crime, but you will always do something to get caught or your conscience will get the best of you but you will never get away with it.

Tyler Stone was a man in love with his wife, the only thing is she wasn’t in love with him.  How was Tyler going to deal with his wife Wendy no longer wanting to be with him?  Tyler figured that he would just kill her.  That would fix her and all of his problems of her leaving him for another man.  A simple but complex problem creating more problems than he could ever imagine.  Tyler just knew he had everything figured out, I mean he had been reading all kinds of murder mystery novels and crime drama novels and he knew that he had it all figured out.  Tyler had everything planned down to the smallest detail, except for the wild card that was thrown in at the last-minute.  How would he deal with that and would his plan still come together?  Would this be the perfect crime or would Tyler be charged with his wife’s murder?

Fatal Mistake is a crime thriller that is very well written that keeps you glued to the pages waiting to see what will happen next.  I enjoyed the twists and turns of this novel because you didn’t see what was coming next and I like that.  The story was not predictable.  You knew what was supposed to happen but what actually happened and how it happened are totally different.  I like the approach of Roberts because this story could have taken place in Anytown, USA so everything was generalized and not specific to a certain city so it could have been in my city or over in London or in Canada, wonderful approach.  The story kept you reading and the characters were entertaining because they were confident and afraid at the same time.  I would love to see more from this author in the future.

Fatal Mistake is available for purchase through (paperback and Kindle)and (paperback only).

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Peaches and The Baby Mama (A Peaches Donnelly Mystery) by A.T. Hicks

peaches and the baby mamaPeaches Donnelly is back and getting in more trouble than ever.  Peaches and her amateur sleuthing is a bother to the police department and the people that she questions but for whatever reason Peaches get results.

Cecily Washington is a self-made woman who doesn’t care who she walks over to get what she wants.  Cecily is beautiful and she knows it and she definitely uses that to her advantage when it comes to the men that enter into her life.    Cecily only deals with the creme of the crop and she makes sure that she will benefit from them in the end.  Cecily’s resume includes a professional basketball player, professional football player and a megastar R&B singer and she has children by all of them, guaranteeing a major payday.  When Cecily is brutally murdered, a mutual friend comes to Peaches to solve the crime figuring that she has done it before, she can do it again.  In the process of trying to figure out this latest escapade, Peaches is dealing with drama of her own.  Can Peaches deal with both and still solve this murder or will her nosing around get her hurt?

A.T. Hicks writes a very interesting and eventful murder mystery with her main character as Peaches Donnelly.  I don’t know if you have ever met a busybody like Peaches but she keeps this novel entertaining and eventful.  I like Hicks writing style and her characters always seem to have something going on and that makes for a very good read.  I look forward to reading more of Peaches Donnelly and works by Hick.  Keep up the great work.

Peaches and The Baby Mama is available for purchase through (both paperback and Kindle) and in Nook edition only.

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Peaches and The Gambler by A.T. Hicks

peaches and the gamblerAccording to Merriam-Webster dictionary the word obligation means:  The action of obliging oneself to a course of action, as by a promise or vow.  When you make a promise you should be willing to keep it or don’t make it, this is exactly what Peaches did vowed to keep her promise even if it kills her.

Peaches Donnelly is a woman who likes to take care of people that she cares about.  She is very dedicated to her job, her family and her friends and when she sees an injustice done it doesn’t sit well with her.  Childhood friend Lenny Richards is murdered and Peaches is distraught about his death, when Lenny’s mother asks if Peaches can look into his murder she just can’t say no.  Peaches doesn’t know what she can do to help after all she is just an Administrative Manager but she does feel a strange sense of obligation to Lenny and his mother to see what she can find out.  Peaches has no formal training in being any type of investigator besides being a woman and we all know that women are naturally nosy, but she feels like she might be able to help a little bit.  Little does Peaches know that Lenny is not leading the life that she remembers from high school and this might turn into being more than she can handle.

Peaches and The Gambler is an exciting read with the typical dramas that go along with a who-done-it.  There is always going to be some sort of family drama, relationship drama, life or death drama but it is a good refreshing read that will keep you interested in finding out who done it right along with Peaches.  This is my first time reading Hicks, but I look forward to reading more from her in the future.

Peaches and The Gambler is available for purchase through (paperback and Kindle) and (Nook only).

The Season Of Sin by Stacy-Deanne

the season of sinEveryone loves a good murder mystery but when you find one that has you so wrapped up in the story that you are thinking about it when you are not reading it, you have found a GOOD THING!

Detective Brianna Morris and Detective Steven Kemp are an awesome crime fighting duo.  They have been partnered together for years and they know more about each other than most partners, and sometimes that works in their favor.  This case that they are working on is going to be a difficult one because it hits too close to home for them.  Brianna’s friend Nadia was murdered and Brianna was attacked during the murder.  Needless to say Brianna wants, correction needs to find who killed her friend and Steven wants to find who attacked Brianna.  There are so many twist and turns in this case  that this rollercoaster ride is going to keep you on the edge of you seat with anticipation of what is going to happen next.

Stacy-Deanne does an excellent job of keeping you at bay with who the killer is and that makes for a very interesting read, every time you think you know who it is guess again!  The characters will have you guessing and upset with them and their antics and ready to go and help the detectives because you have formed your own personal opinion about the characters and that makes for a great writer, she draws you into the story.  The flow was great, storyline is strong and overall great book.  I will absolutely be reading more novels by this author.

The Season of Sin can be purchased through (paperback and Kindle), (paperback and Nook) and on the publisher’s website: