Kiss Me Before You Say Goodnight by Keith Kareem Williams

KMBYSGObsession or infatuation, is there a difference?  When you are obsessed you are preoccupied with someone but when you are infatuated you are admiring that person.  But truly is there a major difference?  If all feels the same, right?  The main objective is that your attention is held by a certain person.  What happens when it turns extreme?  Are you capable of walking away or do you have to follow the feeling through?

Omari is a regular guy.  He goes to work and comes home.  There is nothing that stands out in his routine.  Until one day when he goes into a bar to have a drink and realizes that there is a beautiful woman sitting alone.  Being the gentleman that he is he approaches her but what he doesn’t realize is this is probably the worst idea in his entire life.  Omari’s life is turned upside down and trying to figure out how to upright it is going to be the most drastic time in his life.  What should Omari do, he is too deep to turn back?  Will life ever seem normal again or will he be on this whirlwind indefinitely?

Andressa is a beautiful woman, any man can see that if he isn’t vision impaired.  Her physical qualities are enough to make a room full of men pause.  Andressa has a different agenda on her mind but no one would ever have guessed her plan.  Andressa is a very cunning player in this game we call life but while she plays, how many will get hurt?  Is she the best player at this game or will she lose in the end?

Kiss Me Before Saying Goodnight is a romantic suspense novel.  You have two strangers who have a chance meeting and before long they are partners in crime.  They characters are intense and compliment each other which makes the story flow nicely.  It is a short read but it has you reading and watching for more.  Williams is an excellent storyteller and he keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for what is coming next.  Great job once again, you don’t disappoint.

Kiss Me Before Saying Goodnight is available to be purchased from (Paperback), Barnes and Noble ( Paperback) and the author’s website:

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The Doctor Is In by Carl Weber and Brenda Hampton

THE DOCTOR IS INWhere is the line drawn between obsession and stalking?  How far do you go to show someone that you like them?  How far is too far and how do you know when to stop?  Is there a such thing as a healthy obsession?

Dr. Kasen Phillips is a counselor who has a heart of gold.  He is very empathetic with his patients and that makes for a great counselor and a great man.  The love of his life, Rain, is the woman that he has been waiting for all of his life.  Once it finally clicked that he needs to make some changes for his happiness everything is going so fast he can barely keep up.  Is this the right decision and has he gone about it correctly or has Kasen messed up for good?

Voncile Harper is Dr. Kasen’s office manager and she is very thorough at her job.  She takes taking care of Dr. Kasen and his business very seriously and she will not let anyone interfere with her business.  When Voncile decided that she wanted to do more than take care of Dr. Kasen she sets forth a plan and when that plan gets started, everyone in her way better beware!

The Doctor Is In is a very well written book by two excellent authors.  You always know that you are going to get a great read when you have two powerhouses collaborating. Weber and Hampton have distinct writing styles and you know they are going to give you a story that flows, the characters go well together and it will leave you with a solid feeling that the story is completed.  I look forward to reading more from these authors in the future.

The Doctor Is In is available in various formats everywhere books are sold, Kindle, paperback, hardback, Nook and audible editions.

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Curse Of The Whiskey House: When life is the principle and death is the practice by Marc Lacy

curse of the whiskey houseImagine if you saw or know of wrongdoing, what would you do?  Do you tell someone?  Do you intervene?  Do you mind your own business like you wasn’t aware of what was going on?  If you did nothing, how do you live with yourself or does it bother you at all.  This is where your conscience comes into play and how you live with your decision after that.

Jackson Jones is an interesting man.  He is a preacher of the largest black church in Lazarus, Alabama and he grew up and lives in a house affectionately know as the Whiskey House.  The house gathers its name from the time when the Buffalo Soldiers would come through and get a taste of the whiskey made there.  The fact that he remains in a house named like that and being a preacher is part of what makes him interesting the other part is the company that he keeps.  His company and his actions are questionable but he is a preacher and everyone is supposed to believe him, right?

Mayor Samuel Justice is the mayor of Lazarus, Alabama and very good friends with Rev. Jones.  The mayor has plans for his future and if him and Rev. Jones do as they have been doing in the past, their plans might get detoured.  These two are on a mission and their mission is Whiskey House and keeping its secret. How is that going to be possible when so many know the history of The Whiskey House and the curse that is behind it?  Is the secret something that if it gets out it can destroy people lives?  Is it truly a secret or are others holding their cards and waiting to play them?

Curse Of The Whiskey House is a book detailing what should you do if you find out something that is not favorable in the eyes of most.  It is an intriguing  story with the many twists that you find out about different characters that you may or may not have seen coming.  It measures your moral compass to see which direction you are going in or in the very least SHOULD be going in.  This is the first book in the Whiskey House trilogy and I am interested to see which way the author is going next.  I look forward to reading more from this author.

Curse Of The Whiskey House: When life is the principle and death is the practice if available for purchase through (Paperback an Kindle edition) and the author website:

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The Perfect Deception by Lutishia Lovely (The Shady Sister Trilogy Book 2)

the perfect deceptionHeaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned ~ William Congreve

Deception ~ the act of making someone believe something that is not true. How many times have we deceived others whether for good or bad?  How many times have you been deceived?  Did you like how it felt either deceiving or being deceived?  We are back with the second installment of the Shady Sister Trilogy, The Perfect Deception and there is some deception going on in this book.  The question is what will the outcome be?  Who will be successful, the deceiver or the person being deceived?

Jessica Bolton is a beautiful, thriving young woman who any man would want but she only has eyes on one man in particular.  Jessica hasn’t always had the confidence needed to have her choice of men, considering the hard upbringing that she has had but she is getting much better.  Jessica is basically a loner so trusting comes hard to her, until she meets Nathan Carver and everything changes.  Nathan is everything that she could every want in a man plus more and Jessica wants that more, but what is stopping her from getting that.

Nathan Carver is a very successful man who comes from a successful family. Nathan doesn’t let his wealth dictate who he is, he has charm and charisma and is handsome to boot so he has no problem getting women.  When Nathan meets Jessica his world stops spinning.  Nathan feels she is the most beautiful, kind, caring woman that he has ever met and he wants her for his own. Nathan realizes that she has had a hard childhood and she is very private but he wants to be there for her to give her whatever she may need.  Little does Nathan know that Jessica is going to need a little more than he is willing to give.

The Perfect Deception is the perfect follow-up book to The Perfect Affair (book 1 in the series).  It continues with that same intensity and drama from the first installation and the characters give you all of the drama and crazy that you can handle!  I love the detail that Lovely uses in this book, lets you know that either she has done her research or she is a psychopath but either way it makes for intense reading.  The Perfect Deception does not release until November 25, 2014 but it is available for pre-order so that you can be ready to be deceived right along with the rest of us!

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Dangerous Times by Phillip Frey

Dangerous timesIn life we make decision on a daily basis.  Some of those decisions benefit us and some of those decisions could have been thought through a little better, but ultimately we made the best decision we thought at the time.  What would happen if our decision was based on the actions of others, would the outcome be different or would you make the same decision?  Should you throw caution to the wind just because it is someone else pulling the strings or should you still use a level head and make the best decision for the most positive outcome?

Frank Moore is living his life as best he can but he wants more and without his nagging wife Ty.  Ty is a woman scorned not only by her husband but also by her uncle Eddie and if it is the last thing she does Ty wants to pay him back for all of the pain that he has caused her.  Frank and Ty has come up with a plan to get her uncle back but all the while Frank has a plan of his own that doesn’t involve Ty.  Family secrets will hurt the family and the more secrets there are the deeper the pain will go.

John Kirk is just an average joe living an average life, not particularly happy but not totally miserable either.  He has a girlfriend Lisa that he loves, his mother Beverly just adores him and John gets total joy from restoring his old car ~ a 49 Ford.  But if John Kirk could just leave this life and have a new one he would if only he could get the chance, little does John know to be careful what you wish for.

Ben Hicks is a detective with scars ~ his son died, his wife has divorced him and his boss hates him.  Life couldn’t be better if he planned it that way.  Now as fate would have it, Hicks finds himself on the chopping block once again and he see no way out of this one.  If he could just leave this life for a new one, start over somewhere else he would be happier than ever before.  Wishes might just be granted for Hicks, but at what price?

Dangerous Times is a thriller.  The various characters have a six degree of separation situation because their paths are all intertwined and they don’t even know that they are trying to obtain the same goal for the same person.  I enjoy the suspense in this novel and the interaction of the characters and I would love to see them come again in another novel.  I am definitely looking forward to reading more from Phillip Frey in the future. Dangerous Times is available for purchase through (Kindle only), (Nook only), Smashwords (various downloadable editions) and the authors website:

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Beneath The Willow by Gemma Farrow

Beneath The WillowLove is a wonderful thing and true love is supposed to outlast life itself.  What would you do if you had to put that concept to the test?  Could you love to the death and beyond to honor a promise?

Thomas and Keziah are in love and that is no problem because it works for them.  They have been together for three years and life is great for them until one fateful night when their worlds are turned upside down.  Keziah is involved with a life altering event that will change her and Thomas relationship forever.  A promise is a promise and they are supposed to be kept no matter what but what happens when you don’t, can’t or won’t keep your promise to the one that you claim that you love, then how does the love proceed?  Does love truly extend from life through to death?

Beneath The Willow is a short fantasy/romance story that is full of energy from the word “GO”!  You don’t necessarily have to be into the supernatural to grasp what is going on because if you are a romantic you will totally understand and you will miss the two worlds colliding and grabbing you in.  This is a great read for just forty-three pages, you will read the entire story in one sitting.  Congrats to Gemma Farrow on her freshman works, I look forward to seeing more from her in the future.

Beneath The Willow is available for purchase on and in Kindle edition only.

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Over Your Dead Body by David L

over your dead body“Be careful what you pray for” is such a true statement and people throw it around without realizing the consequences surrounding a statement like that.

Preston and Janelle Price have a great life: they both have great jobs, two beautiful children, live in a beautiful four-bedroom house, have been married for ten years and are still madly in love with each other ~ what more could you ask for?  One thing that you are taught is not to let outsiders interfere in your married life, particularly single, bitter, jealous girlfriends because once they do your marriage will NEVER be the same.  Shontell is Janelle’s best friend but she is also feeding Janelle information that is totally wrong about Preston and that causes problems within the marriage.  Is Janelle a strong enough woman to have faith in her husband and her marriage of ten years or will she let doubt slip in and tear apart something that she cherished for so long?

Over Your Dead Body is a drama filled thriller that keeps you shaking your head and talking to the characters.  David L has written a book that could very easily be seen played out on the movie screen with all of the action and twists and turns in the book.  The characters in this book are so busy looking out for themselves that they are not paying attention to the next person and that makes you scream “look behind you!”  I love the intensity of the characters and Janelle is the woman who you are going to love to hate.  Kudos to David L, I look forward to reading more of your work.

Over Your Dead Body is available for purchase through (paperback and Kindle), (nook only) and the publisher’s website: