A Heart Divided by Iris Bolling (Heart Series #4)

In this book #4 of the Heart series we find ourselves in a good situation and a bad situation at the same time, which one will win out?

Jeffery Daniel Harrison is currently the Attorney General for the State of Virginia and is on the fast track to becoming the next Governor on his way to the White House. JD has an awesome support system that believes in him, first and foremost his beautiful wife Tracy who will support no matter what because she believes in him when he doesn’t believe in himself. But because JD has such a strong support system, there is always someone who is more than willing to try to bring him down. You have people on the outside who are trying to hurt JD and his family, you have people placed on the inside trying to hurt his family, but JD’s security team led by his best friend Brian shows that they are more that just paid to protect.

Carolyn Roth-Roberts is still having a hard time dealing with the new found information of Tracy being her half-sister. Of all of the cruel jokes that could have been played on her, this is the worst! Tracy being the kind-hearted person that she is, she extends an olive branch to Carolyn to see if they can at least be civil to each other considering that their husbands and going to be working so closely together in this campaign. Carolyn is Carolyn after all, you will just have to see.

As always, I love the way that Iris Bolling gives you the central characters of the story and keeps everyone else involved in the story so that we don’t forget about them. They are all equally important and they play a pivotal part in this series, maybe not just at this time. They all work so well together you can just see them in you mind as you are reading and that is absolutely the sign of a GREAT writer. I am so glad that Bolling has come up with this series and that she has such a great mind to keep them coming, keep up the great work!!!!!

A Heart Divided can be purchased through Amazon.com (paperback and Kindle), BN.com (paperback and Nook) and the publishers website: http://sirient.com/

Let The Church Say Amen by ReShonda Tate Billingsley

Let the Church Say Amen is the beginning of an wonderfully fantastic series by ReShonda Tate Billingsley.

Reverend Simon Jackson is the Pastor of Zion Hill Church in Houston, TX and he couldn’t be more proud of the success of his church. In his time there he has increased the membership from 50 to over 900 and he has been profiled in the newspaper 26 times for accomplishments and programs at the church. Zion Hill is the perfect family for him since his own family is far from that!

Loretta Jackson is Simon’s loyal and faithful wife and mother of his 3 children who understands his love of the Lord and the work that needs to be done in order to brings others to the Lord. Loretta’s biggest struggle is making her children see how important their father’s work is.

David is the oldest son of Simon and Loretta who had a promising career in pro football until a career ending injury put an end to his dreams of being successful and sent him on a downward spiral that caused a division in the Jackson family. Rachel, the only daughter is 19 and a mother of 2 who doesn’t see why her father has such a big issue with her being unmarried, with 2 different fathers and partying all the time. It is one thing to be promiscuous but to flaunt it and be disrespectful in church, Reverend Jackson is not going for that! Jonathan, the middle child and Simon’s pride and joy has returned from college, receiving his degree and is in line to become the next pastor of Zion Hill – according to Simon. Jonathan has some important issues to talk over with his father and hopes that his father will still love him the same.

When major changes hit the Jackson family will the family be able to pull together and work it all out or will they fall apart for good.

Let the Church Say Amen was an excellent book with a strong storyline that keeps you wanting more! ReShonda has shown us time and time again that she has staying power and I look forward to the next installment in this series.

This book is available on Amazon.com (paperback and Kindle), BN.com (paperback and Nook), Books A Million (paperback and EBook), Walmart, Target Black Expressions and publisher’s website, http://www.simonandschuster.com.

Everybody Say Amen by ReShonda Tate Billingsley

As we rejoin Rachel Jackson in this second installment of the Amen series by ReShonda Tate Billingsley, we see that not only has she NOT lost her spunk but there is many more people in her life that are trying to give her a run for her money!

Patience is a virtue and Lester Adams has much patience.  He has begged, pleaded and FINALLY won over the love of his life Rachel Jackson and they are now married for five years.  Life is going pretty good for the Adams until Lester drops a bombshell on Rachel that she is not willing to deal with!  Will they be able to maintain their marriage or will this be the end of Rachel and Lester?

Angela Brooks is trying to move on with her after Jonathan Jackson but is having trouble because Jonathan will not leave her alone.  Jonathan wants to see his and Angela’s son, Chase, but Angela has too much hostility to allow that to happen.  What is Jonathan to do?  Can they work out something for the sake of the child or is this just a hopeless cause?

Despite the fact that David Jackson is now drug free thanks to a promise that he made to his mother before she died, he is still running into trouble and MAJOR drama with Tawny his longtime girlfriend/drug buddy.  How is he going to deal with this next blow and will it affect his sobriety?

Simon Jackson seems to be the only Jackson that is not having and drama but he is having health issues that have his children all on edge.  The women from Zion Hill are still pining away for him since the death of his wife Loretta seven years ago but his love and loyalty lies with her.  No one will ever live up to Loretta and the love that she gave to Simon, or will they?

Everybody Say Amen is the perfect successor to Let the Church Say Amen with keeping you in tune and in touch with the characters and the ups and downs and around and around of their lives.  So many emotions are involved with these characters that you are worn out from the shenanigans but you can not possibly put the book down, you find yourself saying “just one more chapter!”  ReShonda Tate Billingsley did an excellent job with this book and I look forward to reading the next installment!  Kudos ReShonda!!!!!

This book is available on Amazon.com (both paperback and Kindle), BN.com (both paperback and Nook), Black Expressions, Walmart, Target and the publisher’s website, http://www.simonandschuster.com.

Say Amen, Again by ReShonda Tate Billingsley

In Say Amen, Again we once again see that no matter how hard Rachel tries, drama follows her wherever she goes!


Rachel is 8 months pregnant and having nightmares after finding out that her husband’s mistress, Mary is also pregnant and it could possibly be Lester’s baby!!! As much as Rachel and Mary have fought over Lester, this seems like the straw that broke the camel’s back. Rachel just can’t take anymore, now it is a matter of keeping her mind right for herself and her children.

Mary can see that Rachel is not going to let her and Lester be together so she does whatever she can to make sure that she is forever in Rachel’s life. Adding to the list of low-down underhanded things that Mary can think of her next adventure in making Rachel’s life miserable is to start dating her brother, David who is unaware that this is the infamous Mary that has been trying to destroy his sister’s life. But the one thing that Mary does not count on is the Adams family, however dysfunctional they are they are FAMILY!

Life for Jonathan is starting to look better. After all of the drama with being in love with Tracey, Angela finding out about his sexuality and hiding his son from him and going to court to get visitation rights to see Chase, Jonathan is doing well for himself. Jonathan is seeing Chase on a regular basis and working as a school guidance counselor but his Aunt Minnie is a bible-totting christian who is trying to “pray away the gay” and that is just the start of trouble for Jonathan once again.

The beginning of Say Amen, Again, ReShonda Tate Billingsley gives you the background story on the cast of characters in this book but you are doing yourself an injustice by not reading the first two in this series, Let The Church Say Amen and Everybody Say Amen. This is an excellent series written by an author who makes you want to participate in the conversations going on or help clear some of this drama up! There were times while I was reading these books where I was giving advise to the characters or saying “I would do . . .”, indication of a great author! ReShonda Tate Billingsley is doing great things with her writing and I look forward to more!

This book is available on Amazon.com (both paperback and Kindle), BN.com (both paperback and Nook), Black Expressions, Walmart, Target and the publisher’s website, http://www.simonandschuster.com.

Sweet 16 by Trae Ferguson

Javon Taylor was a true daddy’s girl, she loved him more than life itself.  But when the person that you love the most betrays your trust and does harm to you, well one good turn deserves another!

Javon Taylor was a good girl for a 15 year old.  She was a straight A student, beautiful, popular and both of her parents were very proud of her.  But a week before her 16th birthday, Javon’s worst nightmare had come true!  Her mother, who was a nurse at John Hopkins Hospital was gone to a conference and Javon was home alone with her father.  The man that she loved the most in the world had begun raping her, and to make matters he also decided that it was okay to prostitute her out!  Though she begged and pleaded, her father wouldn’t stop and neither did his friends.  By the time Javon had tuned 16 she figured out what she had to do to stop her father, by any means necessary!!!!!

Sweet 16 is the freshman novel for Trae Ferguson but let me tell you she jumped out the gate on fire!!!  This book is hot and will keep you interested until the very end when you can FINALLY take a breath!  The way that the characters are pulling you into their world and making you wish that you can help them in any way that you can is phenomenal! Strong storyline that holds you and don’t let you go.  Great story, great writing and I look forward to more from Trae Ferguson in the future!

Sweet 16 can be purchased at Amazon.com, BN.com, and for those in Baltimore you can purchase it at Beautiful Sista’s Full Service Salon and Shareef’s Grill all in paperback!

Jaylin’s World Dare To Live In It by Brenda Hampton

Brenda Hampton brings us back into Jaylin’s World and my oh my is it a world to be in!

Life is grand for Jaylin and Nokea Rogers. They are living drama-free in Miami Beach with their two kids LJ and Jaylene, Shane has moved there to go into the real estate business with Jaylin and Nanny B is still the strength and backbone of the family. One late night Jaylin gets a phone call that will turn his entire world upside down, forever!

Scorpio Valentino and her husband Bruce are living their lives in St. Louis with their two children Mackenzie and Bruce Jr. Scorpio still owns and runs her salon and her husband is unemployed and not doing anything but causing Scorpio grief. Through a series of events, the family has a car accident and the children are hurt bad. After some discussions with the doctors it is only one thing for Scorpio to do to get some support, call the children’s father!

Living in Jaylin’s World you learn very fast that it is Jaylin’s way or NO WAY! And true to form, he has shown us this yet again. You will see how fast you can lose control of a situation when you are not willing to bend for the person you love more than anything in the world. Brenda Hampton is closing out the Jaylin series in the seventh and final book and I will tell you what a ride it has been! Brenda writes so clear and detailed that I can actually hear Jaylin’s voice while I am reading, you empathize with the characters and you have to take a step back into reality because you are so caught up that you are ACTUALLY in Jaylin’s World with them! I hate to see Jaylin and the crew go but with the way that Brenda Hampton tells a story, I am positive that she will bring us more of that fire and intensity in whatever she writes next. Congratulations on a successful series, my hat goes off to you!

You can purchase this book along with the other 6 books in the Jaylin series from the authors website, http://www.brendamhampton.com If you are just looking to get this installment it is available through Amazon.com(both paperback and Kindle), BN.com (both paperback and Nook), Books-A-Million, Walmart, Target and Black Expressions.

Rendezvous by Loretta R. Walls

Welcome to Rendezvous, home of the most talented chemists, most skilled pitchmen and the most absolutely beautiful women in the entire perfume industry. Step inside and smell what all of the fuss is about!!

Menchyon Carlos Martinez is the president and CEO of Rendezvous and has an eye for finding the most talented and beautiful women to work with and for him. He is a very handsome bachelor that all of the women would love to bed and have for themselves, but Menchyon has his eye on one particular lady.

Francisco Kidd is the number two man at Rendezvous and his presence is felt just as much if not more than Menchyon by the women at Rendezvous and not to mention they are best friends. So how well will it work when the best friends are both trying to win over the affections of the same woman?

Nieva Claiborne is the newest addition to the Rendezvous family as the Vice President of Creative Services and she by far is the most stunning woman that anyone there wants to see. Her exotic features and the fact that she is fluent in French makes her the one that everyone has their eyes on, both women and men!

Nieva is brought on to work with Francisco on Rendezvous’s newest fragrance Captivate, and they bring out the creativity in each other. Needless to say Menchyon is not pleased about how close they have gotten while working on the design of the bottle. But because of their history he feels like she will always be his, but is that HERstory? Everywhere Nieva goes, some sort of drama tries to follow her and Rendezvous is no exception!

Rendezvous is a very well written novel and will have you running through all of your emotions: joy, sadness, fear, hate but you will not be able to stop reading until you are finished! The cast of characters is so strong and compliment each other so well that if I told you about everyone, I would be telling you the book and I absolutely, positively want you to go out and purchase this one for yourself. It is sitting on the edge of your seat exciting and you will be talking to the characters like they can hear you! Kudos to Loretta R. Walls for producing such an extraordinary read and I look forward to reading much more of her works!

You can purchase e-book editions only of Rendezvous at Amazon.com, BN.com. You can purchase paperback editions through the publishers website, http://www.nucherte.com.

Rendezvous 2: Nieva’s Dilemma by Loretta R. Walls

In this second installment of the Rendezvous series, we return to Rendezvous Industries and nothing has changed. When I say nothing has changed I mean it is still HOT AS FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nieva and Francisco are the ultimate power couple, they feed off of each others energy and create masterpieces in the process. But when they are dealt a devastating blow can they handle the pressure or will it separate them. Menchyon and Sondeara are trying to take their relationship to the next level and it is looking very promising but can they let the past be just that, the past? Only time will tell. Aiden Reid is a very handsome, powerful man with many resources, but the things that bring him joy in his spare time is enough to make you want to kill. The question is how many would want him dead? Then you have Rozalynn, Gingaire, Caleste who are the human information super highway within Rendezvous Industries, if it is happening or going to happen these ladies will know. They are the best at what they do inside of the company and outside.

As described by the author, this book is classified as Original Urban Romance and I think that describes this book very accurately! We have such a strong cast of characters in this series and there is definitely six degrees of separation in this book with new or returning characters and they all compliment each other. There is not a time where I feel like putting this book down. I am so sitting on the edge of my seat with this book, there are times when I want to walk away but I just can’t! Loretta has me so wrapped up with these characters that I am thinking that people are watching me! That is the sign of a great author, having you feeling what the characters are feeling!!!!! I applaud this author, this series and Loretta’s future success!

You can purchase e-book editions only of Rendezvous at Amazon.com, BN.com. You can purchase paperback editions through the publishers website, http://www.nucherte.com.

Laugh Now by Rahiem Brooks

Laugh Now is a book about two brothers who are total opposites but have one common goal, to be successful.

Coming up in the heart of the ghetto in Philadelphia now moved to the suburbs in King of Prussia, PA,  Andre Bezel was an All-American running back who chose to hang out with the quarterback of Upper Merion High School Brent Gower.  The only problem is they were not discussing football plays they were running drugs to the streets of Philly.  Kareem Bezel, younger brother of Andre was discovered to be a child prodigy and quick witted.  These charms and talents made it easy for Kareem to be the embezzler and fraud that he portraited on a daily basis at the age of 16.  Through a series of events these two brothers continue on with their plans of obtaining wealth and status until Dre crosses paths with the wrong person and decisions have to be made by him and for him.  This book is about loyalty and who is trustworthy, about family sticking together and looking out for each other while handling their own business.  It takes you through the daily lives of these two men and the people who surround them and the things needed to survive.  It is about decisions good, bad or indifferent but decisions that need to be made.

Laugh Now is a very well written book that has you looking at all of the characters suspect.  It is classified as a Crime Thriller and a thriller it is!  You want to cheer for the good guy but you are not really sure who the good guy is.  The one thing that you will know is that you want to continue reading until the very last page!  This is my first experience with Rahiem Brooks but it will NOT be my last!

This book can be purchased though Amazon.com (both Kindle and paperback), BN.com (both Nook and paperback), and on the author’s web site www.rahiembrooks.com.

Butterfly A Novel by Sexy

In order to become a beautiful butterfly you have to shed your cocoon and spread your wings and fly and that is exactly what Deja Padilla does!

Deja Padilla is a beautiful woman with two beautiful daughters and a husband that is physically abusive.  Once Deja has made up her mind to leave him and get her life back on track for her and her daughters she has to put her plan into motion to be the success that she knows she can be.  Deja enters a domestic violence shelter to escape and to make plans for the future.  Knowing that she didn’t want to fear a man or anyone anymore, Deja enters a program to become a corrections officer.   After completing her training to become a corrections officer Deja is assigned to Albion Corrections facility for women where she can begin the process of putting her plan into action: to recruit women to work for her so that she can become a madam.

With her recruited security in place Deja is a C.O. by day and a very successful madam by night.  With many special and important clients in little black book Deja feels like she has made it until there is a problem at Butterfly that could bring her successful business to a halt.  How will she solve this problem or will this issue be the end of Deja and Butterfly?

Deborah Cardona aka Sexy the author of this dramatic novel makes you appreciate the fact that women are taking risks and doing they need to do to succeed in life.  I like the way that she incorporates her characters into the story, just need a little more background on them so I could understand why they react the way that they do.  I look forward to reading Butterfly II.

Butterfly can be purchased on Amazon.com (both paperback and Kindle), BN.com (both paperback and Nook), and the authors website http://www.dejavupublications.com/