Scandalous Acts: The Tianna Fox Story(A Christian African American Romance Series Book 1) by Kia Summers

Love. Is it something that everyone believes in or is it just a fantasy?  We have all heard of this thing called love but is it real or is it in our mind? Is there such thing as true love? If you have never been in love, how do you know that you are in love? Is it even worth trying to find out about this thing called love? But as the old saying goes Love Never Fails.

Tianna Fox is the owner of Pecan Restaurant, this funky little up-and-coming restaurant that is her baby at heart. She spends a lot of time down at the Pecan restaurant and she is well known in liked by her customers and staff. Tianna is trying to figure out a way to make it big in the industry, but she has other things on her mind also.  Tianna is part owner of The Cliff, a gym that she and her husband Eric opened.  Tiana loves her husband and she knows that he loves her also, but Tianna has a sneaky feeling about what is going on down at the gym.

Scandalous Acts The Tianna Fox story is the beginning of a juicy action filled series. Kia Summers has written a series that is going to be filled with plenty of drama. This series is a romance series and it is going to pull it your heartstrings while she gets to the bottom of everything. Summers has gotten you interested in these characters and she makes you want more.  I am looking forward to reading the books that follow this opening book. These characters are interesting. Good job on the beginning series of Scandalous Acts.

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The Test Of Love (The Test Of Time book 2) by Angela Monay

The test of love
Second chances are a good thing.  If you are allowed a second chance odds are that you just barely missed the mark the first and you are worthy of a do over.  In relationships it is generally a testament of love if a couple gets a second chance.  The key is to learn from the mistakes from the first time around and try not to make them again.  Is this an easy task?  For some it is no problem but for others some things never change.

Zandra Jones can’t believe her life is going like it is.  She finally got a chance to be with the man that she has loved all of her life and things have spiraled out of control.  First, they finally expressed to each other how they felt about each other.  Then to make their relationship successful Zandra left and went to college so that there was no interference from her mother.  But once she got there all hell broke loose and she ended up leaving to be with her one true love, Pascal.  But she didn’t leave before breaking the ultimate rule and ended up in a situation that could only be fixed in a few months.  Now living with Pascal Jr. alone in their apartment that she once shared with Sr., Zandra is trying to get her life back on track.  Zandra was confused and didn’t know what to do but she did know one thing, she wanted to be happy with the one that she loved.  The only thing is the universe seemed to have other plans.  Will Zandra ever achieve total happiness or is she destined to live a life of misery?

A Test Of Love is the second book in this series and you can see the growth of the author.  While we have the same characters from the first novel you see who she is moving them in and out of the story and keep you interested in the read.  At one point I found myself pausing while reading because I was wiping tears at what was going on.  The characters stayed on my mind about what was happening in their situation well past when I read about it, I like that in a read.  Monay is improving her writing style and the ability to hold her reader captive, and that is a good thing.  I gladly await the conclusion to this series to see which way it is going to go.  Good job Angela!

A Test Of Love (A Test Of Time Book 2) is available for purchase on (Kindle and Paperback).

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The Test Of Time (Book 1) by Angela Monay

TheTestOfTimeSoul mate ~ is there a such thing? You know this person is made just for you and you for them but are they really out there? How do you determine who is your soul mate? Is it in your dreams or do you actually meet them in person? Once you connect with this person, where do you go now? Is it automatic that everything is going to be perfect or do you still have to go through the process of making everything just right for your happily ever after?

Zandra Jones is the youngest in her family. Sometimes this makes her the most sensitive but it also makes her the most feisty of the group.  Zandra’s brother Adrian is the oldest of the clan but is also her biggest defender. He doesn’t let anyone hurt Zandra if he can help it. When Zandra reveals her true feelings about who she loves, Adrian is right there to support her. When Zandra get the opportunity to be with her true love she is on cloud nine. This is who she believes to be her soul mate but will everything go as she has dreamed? Will this be everything that she believes it will be or will she be disappointed?

The Test Of Time is a book about faith. The characters have faith in their loved ones that they will always be there to provide love and support to them no matter what. What they find is something different, the support that is given and the love that is received is something to be desired. The characters are aggressive but the story has a decent flow to it. There a few things that caught my eye that Monay might want to improve upon. Watch your editing.  When running spell check programs if you misspell a word but it is an actual word it will not repair it. Also it might make it easier to recognize who the next chapter is about by placing their name at the beginning of the chapter under the number for the chapter. Lastly, page number would help with tracking your progress in the book ~ but that might be the signature of the author. All in all it was a good read and I am looking forward to reading the next installment in this series.

The Test Of Time (Book 1) is available on in both Kindle and paperback editions.

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Stalker by Brenda Hampton

When you hear the word stalker you immediately know that there is going to be problems. What causes a person to become a stalker? Basically it is some sort of obsession with a person. But why that particular person? Is it something they said or something they did? Were they extra nice and you took it to mean something else? Is there any way to stop a stalker or do they just stop on their own? Can you persuade the stalker to change their ways or is this something that is just going to have to play out? What do you do?

Abigal Wilson is a divorcee who is trying to get back into the dating scene, with a teenaged daughter to boot.  Her daughter, Kendall, is constantly fighting with her about every little thing. Her biggest fight is about the man she is dating, Brent. Kendall doesn’t like Brent and Abby isn’t listening because she is in love. Abby and Brent have date night one night and afterwards he tells her that they need to have a talk. The bomb he drops on her knocks her off her feet. She is resistant to accept his words and she decided to investigate what he told her. What Abigal finds out crushes her heart but she is not going to leave it at that. She will NOT be treated like this and if she is unhappy, everybody is going to be unhappy! Who if anybody will come out the victor? How will this change the lives of everybody involved?

Stalker, just by the title you can tell it is going to be drama. Whenever you read a Brenda Hampton book you know you are going to get a good story that will keep you on the hook until the last word and then some! This book has the energy that you need so that you will read until it is finished. I am reviewing the Audible version because just looking at the title I knew that this version would have me on the edge of my seat with my mouth agape! The narrator, Patricia Floyd, did not disappoint with this novel. You find yourself talking back and pausing the reading so that you can gather yourself. I loved this book and I certainly am never disappointed when it comes to Hampton. Kudos again on another great novel!

Stalker is available for purchase everywhere books are sold.

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The Wrong Husband by BM Hardin

WRONGLOVE . . .HONOR . . . CHERISH . . .TIL DEATH DO US PART!  These words that are read during a traditional wedding ceremony are very specific, they are set up that way to give you some direction in married life.  If you know how to follow directions, marriage should be easy for you.  What happens when the directions aren’t followed?  How are you supposed to proceed in a successful marriage if no one is doing what is supposed to be done?  How do you get granted a do over or is it allowed?

Sassi is married to Eddie and has been for the past 9 years.  They met in a bar 11 years ago and they were both drawn to each others conversation.  They had two children as a result of this union.  Life should have been grand!  One of the disadvantages to being happy and doing well for yourself and your family is there is always going to be some miserable person that wants to bring you down.  The catch is they are a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  How do you get rid of this negativity in your life?  Do you fight to stay in the marriage or do you let this outside force interfere?

The Wrong Husband is an exciting book, you can tell that from the title.  Reading this book you will go through a range of emotions because the characters are just that good.  You will find yourself talking to the characters and waiting on them to respond to you.  The story line is strong and the characters flow well with each other.  You will not get lost reading BUT you won’t be able to predict what is coming next.  Very well written and it has you wanting more.  This is my first time reading a book written by Hardin but it is not my last.

The Wrong Husband is available everywhere you buy your favorite novels, (Kindle and paperback) and Barnes and Nobel (Paperback).

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Twisted Virtues: Complicated Matters by Tamir A. Shaw

BookCoverImage (1)

When speaking of virtues you think of righteousness, purity and morality.  These are things that one should try to exhibit in their daily lives but what happens when your virtues are twisted?  Should you try to correct yourself or do you just continue on with the way things are going?  What if you feel that what you are doing or how you are acting is morally correct?

Tobias and Sheyla Marchand are blessed.  They both have good paying jobs that allow them to live the kind of lifestyle that anyone else would envy.  Certain situations occur within Tobias’s career and now they are forced to make some changes that will help the family to maintain their current lifestyle.  Will these changes bring the family closer or will it push the family apart?  What can be done to make this transition easier or will this just be the Marchand family status quo?

Levi Kennett is a very successful business man.  He owns several properties among other business ventures.  Levi has been trying to find himself practically all of his life but how will Levi’s life change upon meeting a random stranger?  Is it time for Levi to start a new chapter or will he continue on the path that he is already travelling?

Twisted Virtues is a book about decisions and circumstances.  You learn about six degrees of separation because the characters lives are crossing and they aren’t even realizing it.  The way that the chapters are set up they give you total insight to the characters and you won’t get lost or confused.  They characters and their place in the book is clear.  I enjoyed reading this book by Shaw and I look forward to reading more in the future.  Twisted Virtues: Complicated Matters is available on in both Kindle and paperback.

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Mommy Please Help Me Get My Baby Back by Shaquana Jackson


Living life is difficult enough but when you have factors that interfere with basic survival it makes life unbearable.Who do you turn to when you feel like you have no one to turn to?  What should you do besides running screaming tearing your hair out?  Is there any way that you can bounce back from this?

Aniya is trying to be a normal 16-year old teenager but her life is far from normal.  She is in high school and just happens to be dating Malik, the star of the football team.  That is where Aniya’s normalcy ends.  Her mother Anita is giving her problems that she doesn’t know if she can handle but the one thing she does know is that she loves her mother very much.  But will her love for her mother be enough to keep her happy?

Anita is far from a perfect mother but she does her very best and that’s all that can be asked of her.  When Anita tries to find some joy in her dismal life she soon finds out that everything that glitters ain’t gold.  Does she deserve her pot of gold or will life give her a lump of coal?

Malik is the boy everyone loves to be around.  He is good-looking, popular and a star athlete. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with him.  The only person who doesn’t agree with all of Malik’s decisions was his mother, but that is a mother for you.  How can Malik live the life he wants if he is being pulled in many different direction?  Who will survive in Malik’s future?

Mommy Please Help Me Get My Baby Back is a story about family and real life situations.  You have decisions to make and sometimes you have to suffer the consequences but the end result is you should learn from your experiences.  This is a well written story that keeps you involved in the storyline and makes you want to know what is coming next.  From the title you can tell that there is a desperate plea from one of the characters but you will be pleasantly surprised how everything turns out.  This is my first time reading this author but it won’t be my last.

Mommy Please Help Me Get My Baby Back is available for purchase through Amazon (both Kindle and paperback) and (Paperback).

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The Imperfect Love by Mz. Sheri Baby

The Imperfect LoveWe live in an imperfect world, there are many problems and mistakes made on a regular basis.  The one thing that we think that we can bank on is love.  Love is SUPPOSED to be soft, fluffy, easy and perfect.  Then again that is in fairy tales!  In the real world we all know that we have to work at love to make it even not want to make you pull all of your hair out!  What to you do when you find your opposite that you are attracted to and you are fighting against that love that you so desperately deserve?  Do you fight or do you give up?

Jemel is a big baller.  He has been in the dope game for about 18 years and is doing very well for himself.  He is very good-looking, well-respected and at the top of his game.  Jemel is almost 30 years old and looking at getting out of the game and settle down but he has yet to find someone worth settling down for.  When Jemel’s sister Alicia almost overdoses he has decisions to make as far as his life should go but there are some truths that come out that is helping to make some hard decisions for him.  Should he stay or should he go, is it worth it?

The Imperfect Love is a book about love and compromise.  When you have one person making decisions for many different people it is often hard and this book show the characters work together and against each other but it makes for good drama.  The story line is light but strong and it keeps you intrigued enough where you are wanting to stay until the end to find out what happens next.  There were minor editing errors but nothing that would take away from the book or the story line.  This is my first time reading this author but definitely not my last!  I will be on to the next novel by this author.

The Imperfect Love is available for purchase though (Kindle only) and (Nook Book only).

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