Deacon Do Me Wright by Akilam

Deacon Do Me WrightTemptation is everywhere, whether it is food, drinks, that one piece of jewelry that you must have we are tempted by something.  But what happens when you are tempted by another person?  Do you give into that temptation or do you fight it?  What happens if you can’t fight the temptation?

Marlana Malone-Gilmore is a successful business owner of a massage business, married with 4 children and is in a rut.  Marlana’s husband, David also has a successful accounting firm and they are both very busy with their companies.  Habit and routine are causing these two to become strangers and allowing temptation to slide right into their marriage.  How do you keep the fires burning or do you just let them burn out?

Deacon Demetrius Wright and his beautiful pregnant wife Mia were new to the church but they fit just fine.  Deacon was a musician and was very easy on the eyes and that was not missed by some of the congregation.  With many couples that are pregnant, hormones cause issues and the Deacon and his wife were not exempt.  Is there a way that they can help this brief “bump” in the road or is this going to end badly?

Deacon Do Me Wright is a short erotic story of a mere 49 pages but it is a steamy 49 pages!  It gives you everything that you need to get you going and keeps you there wanting MORE!!!!  Akilam is giving us a hint of her talents and I look forward to see much more from her!

Deacon Do Me Wright can be purchased from in Kindle edition for the bargain of .99.

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Beneath The Willow by Gemma Farrow

Beneath The WillowLove is a wonderful thing and true love is supposed to outlast life itself.  What would you do if you had to put that concept to the test?  Could you love to the death and beyond to honor a promise?

Thomas and Keziah are in love and that is no problem because it works for them.  They have been together for three years and life is great for them until one fateful night when their worlds are turned upside down.  Keziah is involved with a life altering event that will change her and Thomas relationship forever.  A promise is a promise and they are supposed to be kept no matter what but what happens when you don’t, can’t or won’t keep your promise to the one that you claim that you love, then how does the love proceed?  Does love truly extend from life through to death?

Beneath The Willow is a short fantasy/romance story that is full of energy from the word “GO”!  You don’t necessarily have to be into the supernatural to grasp what is going on because if you are a romantic you will totally understand and you will miss the two worlds colliding and grabbing you in.  This is a great read for just forty-three pages, you will read the entire story in one sitting.  Congrats to Gemma Farrow on her freshman works, I look forward to seeing more from her in the future.

Beneath The Willow is available for purchase on and in Kindle edition only.

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Secrets For Revenge by English Ruler

Secrets For RevengeThe saying “Revenge is a dish best served cold” comes from the origins of “Vengeance is more satisfying when exacted in cold blood”.  When you read this short you will totally understand these saying.

Milton Poole is your average teenager, well he is trying to be your average teenager.  Milton lives in a single mother household which is already bad enough because he misses not having a dad around.   In addition to that he is having to deal with being bullied at school.  Milton doesn’t bother anyone so why he is the target of this bully is unknown to him.  Not seeing any relief in sight, Milton figures there is only one thing that he can do to get this bully off of his back and Milton starts making plans.  In the process unfortunately for Milton he is soon going to find out why he is the target and that changes everything for Milton.  How do you process the information that you received and what do you do with it?

Secrets For Revenge is a short story just 16 pages, but they are a powerful 16 pages.  This is dealing with something that children are dealing with so often today and it is something that needs to stop.  Many times stories like this are taboo, authors are scared to touch on these subjects but I commend English Ruler for writing this story!  I enjoyed this story, I enjoy her work and I look forward to reading more from her in the future.

Secrets For Revenge is available for purchase through in Kindle edition only.

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Til Death by LeRedeaux

til deathTo make a vow means to make a serious promise to do something or to behave in a certain way.  If you break that vow there will be repercussions to pay.  You have to decide if the punishment fits the crime.

Kiyah West is what some would consider damaged goods.  Her scars from her previous relationship are so deep that she feels like she can’t go into another relationship. Then Cameron James appears in her life and gives her pause ~ she is not sure what to think about him.  He is definitely an interesting man and absolutely appealing.  What Kiyah is trying to figure out is should she invest the time into seeing what he is about or should she stay in her shell and remain alone?  Having feelings that she can not quite understand is either going to make or break her.

Til Death is a short story that is a full and complete story.  It gives you everything that you are looking for in a quick dramatic romance story: joy, fear, heartache, love and DRAMA!  I enjoyed reading this short and I look forward to reading more from LaRedeaux in the future.

Til Death is available for purchase through (paperback and Kindle) and (Nook edition only).

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A Woman Scorned by T.P. Miller

a woman scornedA Woman Scorned is a short story about the pains of love and losing love.  When we have been wronged or feel like you have been wronged you try to figure out a way to regain your momentum and get back up on the horse.  Zena Hudson is a woman in love but the love of her life doesn’t deserve her love.  What should she do?  How will she handle this or will she just let it slide?  Love is hard but she never thought that it would be THIS hard.

A Woman Scorned is a short story, just a mere 33 pages.  There are emotions running through those pages: love, hate, anger, sorrow and acceptance.  It is a good story and if continued will be a great novel but there were some editing errors that need to be corrected and the title on the cover could have been better and clearer.  Other than that, I enjoyed the short.  Good job TP Miller, look forward to reading more from you.

A Woman Scorned is available for purchase through in kindle edition.

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Ten Thirty Eight by Chamsil

*****This is a adult erotica novella and so this is my disclaimer – you must be over 18 to purchase and read this book. *****

If you like erotica, then you will LOVE this novella!!!!! Chamsil gives you everything that you need in a short amount of time and leaves you very satisfied!!

Jacorri Isaacs is a 16 year old young man who is trying to find out about himself. He knows the basics but has never gone all the way. Everything that he knows and some things that he might not be sure about will be confirmed or denied as of 10:38 tonight.

This is a short story of about 20 pages so I don’t want to reveal too much information about it but what I can and will say is that this novella is very well written and keeps you interested and definately wanting more! When you get 10:38 you will NOT be dissapointed! I suggest that everyone purchase this story!

Great read and keep up the good work!

Chamsil has written other novels and all of them are available on and in various e-book formats.

Memoirs of An Ordinary Woman Volume 1 by The1Essence

Memoirs of An Ordinary Woman Volume 1 is a book filled with thought-provoking words and senarios. There is poetry in there that is more than just words, it puts something on your mind that will have you thinking about later when you least expect it. It is not so much what is said, but how it is said. You have short stories that will have you reading saying, “that could have easily been my family” and “these are traps that I could have fallen in or have fallen in – how did she know my life!” Memoirs of An Ordinary Woman is about all women, reminding us that while we are spectacular in our own way, we are also ordinary! I suggest that you read this book and enjoy being in another world that is also your world! Excellent read, keep up the great work!

Memoirs of An Ordinary Woman Volume 1 is available for purchase through (paperback and Kindle) (nook only) and the author’s website:  www.