Freak Nasty by Eros (Part 1)



Sex is beautiful.  In some cultures it appears that it is still taboo but it is a natural process between a man and a women (mostly, lol).  There are many levels to sexuality, it can range anywhere from no libido to extremely high.  There are no rules and while it would be great if you were in love that is not always the case.  At the end of the day the main purpose for having sex is to be relaxed and stress free for just a little while.

Vicky Shaw is a successful woman who runs her own entertain agency.  She has multiple clients ranging from anywhere in the sports field to beyond.  Vicky is a self-made woman so therefore she doesn’t need anyone trying to hold her back.  She is dedicated to her work and doesn’t have time for a relationship.  What happens when the possibility of a relationship is thrust upon her?  Does she run or face it head on?

Malik Shabazz is a personal trainer and a very good one.  He has the looks and physique and he has no shortage of clients.  As of late Malik has gotten into the modeling business so he is getting more and more exposure.  The one thing that he is missing is a solid relationship.  Malik feels like he doesn’t have time but is that the truth or is he stalling for another reason?  Does he want to be tied down or does he want to be a ladies man?

Freak Nasty is erotica as you can tell from the title and cover.  If you have ever read Eros work then you know which way this is going.  There is a story line to this read and from what I’m seeing there clearly is going to be a sequel.  It is a quick read for if you are looking to break up your current series or just looking for some relief.  I look forward to the next part because I want to see if my questions are going to be answered.

Freak Nasty is available on Kindle edition on Amazon.

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What That Mouth Do? by Eros

what that mouth doLife is full of ups and downs and good times and bad but at the end of the day life is about working hard and playing harder!  While we are playing we have to remember that actions have consequences so if you are not prepared to deal with them you might want to rethink your steps.

Tay Wilson is a free spirit.  Tay has no responsibilities beyond making sure that she is well taken care of.  She is the friend that you shake your head at for her lifestyle but you secretly want to know what it is like to live like her.

Karen Patterson is the responsible one of the trio.  Karen is married and would never do anything to jeopardize that.  The entire point of going on vacation is to let your hair down where nobody knows you and have a blast.  Is this something that Karen should or would do or will she just sit on the sidelines watching?

Roxy Jones is in a committed relationship, but a committed relationship is not a marriage.  While Roxy loves her relationship she is definitely looking for more.  Will this girl-cation help her with what she wants out of life or will she just go with the status quo?

What That Mouth Do? is a very easy and quick story to get through.  You meet and explore all of the characters, are given situations and solutions to them.  There are no hidden messages, it is a very straight forward book.  The story wraps up clean but I can see where if the author decided to do a sequel which characters are going to be in the forefront.  I enjoyed reading this novel and as always look forward to reading more from Eros.

What That Mouth Do? is available for purchase through on kindle only.

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Deacon Do Me Wright by Akilam

Deacon Do Me WrightTemptation is everywhere, whether it is food, drinks, that one piece of jewelry that you must have we are tempted by something.  But what happens when you are tempted by another person?  Do you give into that temptation or do you fight it?  What happens if you can’t fight the temptation?

Marlana Malone-Gilmore is a successful business owner of a massage business, married with 4 children and is in a rut.  Marlana’s husband, David also has a successful accounting firm and they are both very busy with their companies.  Habit and routine are causing these two to become strangers and allowing temptation to slide right into their marriage.  How do you keep the fires burning or do you just let them burn out?

Deacon Demetrius Wright and his beautiful pregnant wife Mia were new to the church but they fit just fine.  Deacon was a musician and was very easy on the eyes and that was not missed by some of the congregation.  With many couples that are pregnant, hormones cause issues and the Deacon and his wife were not exempt.  Is there a way that they can help this brief “bump” in the road or is this going to end badly?

Deacon Do Me Wright is a short erotic story of a mere 49 pages but it is a steamy 49 pages!  It gives you everything that you need to get you going and keeps you there wanting MORE!!!!  Akilam is giving us a hint of her talents and I look forward to see much more from her!

Deacon Do Me Wright can be purchased from in Kindle edition for the bargain of .99.

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One Man’s Desire by LaRedeaux

one mans desireDesire:  To long or hope for: to express a wish for.  Many people desire many things on a daily basis but it is up to you as to how you are going to go about obtaining your desires, if you set out to obtain them at all.  Some things may seem like they are unobtainable but only sheer will and determination will get you the things that you desire.

Hilton Scott is a successful man in every sense of the word.  Hilton has a beautiful wife and kids, he is a successful business owner, he is handsome and his friends all love him.  The one thing Hilton can not figure out why his wife of 12 years won’t have sexual relations with him anymore.  This has been going on for 5 years and even though Hilton loves is wife very much, he doesn’t know how much more he can take.

Marie Scott is married to Hilton and she loves him very much.  Marie knows that Hilton is frustrated with the fact that they haven’t been intimate in 5 years but if Hilton knew the secret that she holds, she might just lose him forever.

Nicole Desire Riley is a single woman who went through a very hard divorce from an abusive husband.  Nicole is not looking to be in a relationship but when she meets Hilton he is like a breath of fresh air.  Hilton is such a good friend and he is handsome to boot, he is everything that a woman should be looking for in a mate. Thankfully Nicole is not looking for a mate, she is satisfied with Hilton being her friend, or is she?

One Man’s Desire is a steamy novel that reads like a  movie.  You are all in reading this novel and you can see yourself as one of the characters because LeRedeaux makes it so real and lifelike you get lost in the story.  The storyline just flows, you have a total understanding of what is occurring.  The characters mesh well together and play off of each other to give you a sense of being there in the room with them.  This is one very steamy read, make sure that you have your ice water near by!

One Man’s Desire can be purchased through (paperback and Kindle), (paperback and Nook) and the author’s website:

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Undercover Lovers ~ Getting Lost In The Sheets “The Confessions Series” Book 1 by Marie A. Norfleet

undercover loversThey say confession is good for the soul, well if that is the case you soul is bound to be jumping for joy with this series.

Victoria Howerton is a new author who has a story to tell.  In the process of networking on Facebook she meets another author named Vincent Acosta and they just click.  They have like interests and are obviously looking for something adventurous.  In the process of getting to know each they realize that they REALLY don’t know each other until it is too late to do anything about it.  What do you do when the person that you thought you knew you really don’t know at all?   You confess it all!

Undercover Lovers is the first book in this series and I can see where this series is going to be on FIRE!  The story that has been started has steam behind it and it is picking up speed fast!  This is a short read, only 45 pages long but you get a lot of bang for your buck!  I look forward to reading the rest of the series because I have to know where this goes!  Great job Marie, keep up the good work!

Undercover Lovers ~ Getting Lost In The Sheets is available on in Kindle only.

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Horny As Hell: The Pete Maggs Story by N.S. Ugezene

Sex is a very strong emotion, but when you let it consume your life it is going to either cause you problems or you are going to be the happiest person on earth.

Pete Maggs life started out very complicated.  Born to a parents who had a very complicated relationship so therefore it created a domino effect growing up for Pete to learn and understand relationships.  The only thing that Pete did know was that as a teenager he was taught about sex by a classmate and he liked it ~ as most teens do.  This started his life of being in a constant state of horniness but not sure if he wanted to be in relationships because he didn’t understand them.  Pete’s life is very complicated, horny but complicated.

Horny As Hell was a very hard read for me.  This book was very slow to me, I had a hard time concentrating on Pete’s character and his dialogue with other characters.  It seemed like he was mentally challenged with the way he interacted with the other characters.  The writing just didn’t seem like it was solid, the thought process was inconclusive and often left me wondering at the end of a paragraph or chapter.  This book needs better character development and clearer thought process to help the reader not be so lost.

Horny As Hell can be purchased through (paperback and Kindle) and (paperback and Nook).

The Congregation by Hashim Conner

The word congregate means “to come together in a group, crowd or assembly”.  That is generally what we do when we go to church that is why we are called a congregation.   But what is underlying in the congregation is what makes us unique and gives that certain bond that makes us more like family than we truly understand.

Mark and Amber Coleman are typical preacher’s kids who fell in love.  Mark is the son of the Pastor of Third Baptist Church and Amber is the daughter of the deacon of the church who happens to be his best friend.  They grew up together and it is natural that they would fall in love and get married.  Just because they show up at church and church functions all smiles and giggles look can be deceiving, after all they do have to play the part they are the son and daughter-in-law of the pastor.

Terrence and Asia are the perfect couple.  Terrence is a successful surgeon that looks like a model, clean-cut,  six-foot four inches tall, a chiseled two hundred and forty pounds, smooth chocolate-brown color and a perfect set of pearly whites.  Asia is a successful bank executive with a perfectly toned body of an athlete that could rival any woman ten years younger than her.  They have all of the material possessions that they need, now if their marital relationship was plentiful as their material possessions they would have the world.

Issac and Veronica Patton love each other very much.  They can’t get enough of each other and their love is evident to everyone, everyone except Issac’s mother Mrs. Silver-Patton who feels like Veronica isn’t good enough for HER Issac.  Will Issac have to choose between the two women in his life who mean the most to him?

The Congregation is a very interesting story about relationships and conflicts but the storyline is inconsistent. At one point you are reading about one set of characters and the very next paragraph you pick up with another set of characters, it was slightly confusing but you eventually came back around to catching up about the previous characters.  There is a Congregation Part II coming out, I look forward to seeing what changes are going to be made in this next installment.

The Congregation is available for purchase through (paperback and Kindle), (paperback and Nook) and on

Ten Thirty Eight by Chamsil

*****This is a adult erotica novella and so this is my disclaimer – you must be over 18 to purchase and read this book. *****

If you like erotica, then you will LOVE this novella!!!!! Chamsil gives you everything that you need in a short amount of time and leaves you very satisfied!!

Jacorri Isaacs is a 16 year old young man who is trying to find out about himself. He knows the basics but has never gone all the way. Everything that he knows and some things that he might not be sure about will be confirmed or denied as of 10:38 tonight.

This is a short story of about 20 pages so I don’t want to reveal too much information about it but what I can and will say is that this novella is very well written and keeps you interested and definately wanting more! When you get 10:38 you will NOT be dissapointed! I suggest that everyone purchase this story!

Great read and keep up the good work!

Chamsil has written other novels and all of them are available on and in various e-book formats.

Put A Ring On It by Allison Hobbs

Even though this is a Zane Presents publication, Allison Hobbs is her own woman with a style of her own and she is absolutely FIERCE!!!!!!! Put A Ring On It is 1000% pure unadulterated drama and you will throw your book across the room a couple of times but you will ALWAYS race over to pick it back up to finish!!!!!

You have 3 women who are friends and are having marriage issues like no other! First you have Nivea and Eric who are the ultimate opposites attracts couple. Nivea is college educated, making 6 figures, has a very nice house, beautiful company car and comes from an upstanding family where as Eric is an common blue-collar factory worker with nothing more than his Highlander and his apartment that is a dump (according to Nivea). When Nivea discovers that Eric has been living a secret life, how will she deal with it and will they still be married?

Next you have Harlow and Drake who are the perfect cute couple. Harlow worked for the luxury car dealership that Drake owns and when they hit it off she became basically a kept woman and LOVES it!!!!! When memories from Harlow’s past start to haunt her, how will it effect your current life with Drake and will she ever be able to share her past to work towards her future?

Then there is Vangie, a single mother with her 5-year old son Yuri. Vangie has to rob Peter to pay Paul but in the end she makes it all work out. Shawn, Yuri’s sperm-donor wants to visit to talk to Vangie but she is still so hurt by him not being in Yuri’s life that she almost missed out on a chance of a lifetime – to bring stability to her and Yuri’s life! When the wedding bug is flying around and biting everyone, Vangie gets bit and starts to make plans for her and Shawn but will her fairytale come true?

Put A Ring On It is a keep-you-glued-to-your-seat, high-energy book that will have you screaming at the characters and their antics but in the end, you will be pleased with the final outcome. Allison Hobbs has brought you into a world of 3 women who on any day could be any of us! Great Job and keep up the great work!!!!!

Put A Ring On It can be purchased through on paperback and Kindle, in paperback and Nook, Target, Walmart, and Books A Million in paperbook and ebook. Also visit the author’s website to see her other masterpieces,

ZANE PRESENTS Deep Throat Diva by Cairo


Zane Presents Deep Throat Diva by Cairo is WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am STILL wiping my forehead from reading this book!!!!

Pasha Willow is a very beautiful, successful woman with EVERYTHING going for her – she is the owner of a very successful beauty salon named Nappy No More, she can buy whatever she wants, has a condo that rivals some millionaires and a man that she loves and he loves her! But when her husband to be Jasper is locked up for 5 years she runs into challenges! Pasha is a VERY, VERY sexual woman but Jasper has told her that if she cheats on him, he will kill her – AND HE MEANS IT!!!!! In the meantime while waiting on Jasper to complete these long five years, Pasha has to come up with something to calm her raging sexual desires!!!!!

Fast-forward to when Jasper has completed his time and is home for good, Pasha is having trouble stopping her dark secret that has been sustaining her while Jasper was locked away. But as they say “what’s done in the dark will ALWAYS come to the light” and when her past is catching up with her, how will she ever be able to keep her secret from Jasper?!?!?!?

Deep Throat Diva is definitely not for the light-hearted. It has VERY ADULT content but it also will have you on the edge of your seat!!!!! The flow of the characters and the high-energy that the storyline has will have you sitting up all night to finish this book!!!!

Cairo is an excellent writer and this is just another example of his talents! I would suggest this book to any person who can handle the content, it is an excellent read!

The book is available on (both paperback and Kindle), (both paperback and Nook),, Walmart and Target.