The Perfect Deception by Lutishia Lovely (The Shady Sister Trilogy Book 2)

the perfect deceptionHeaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned ~ William Congreve

Deception ~ the act of making someone believe something that is not true. How many times have we deceived others whether for good or bad?  How many times have you been deceived?  Did you like how it felt either deceiving or being deceived?  We are back with the second installment of the Shady Sister Trilogy, The Perfect Deception and there is some deception going on in this book.  The question is what will the outcome be?  Who will be successful, the deceiver or the person being deceived?

Jessica Bolton is a beautiful, thriving young woman who any man would want but she only has eyes on one man in particular.  Jessica hasn’t always had the confidence needed to have her choice of men, considering the hard upbringing that she has had but she is getting much better.  Jessica is basically a loner so trusting comes hard to her, until she meets Nathan Carver and everything changes.  Nathan is everything that she could every want in a man plus more and Jessica wants that more, but what is stopping her from getting that.

Nathan Carver is a very successful man who comes from a successful family. Nathan doesn’t let his wealth dictate who he is, he has charm and charisma and is handsome to boot so he has no problem getting women.  When Nathan meets Jessica his world stops spinning.  Nathan feels she is the most beautiful, kind, caring woman that he has ever met and he wants her for his own. Nathan realizes that she has had a hard childhood and she is very private but he wants to be there for her to give her whatever she may need.  Little does Nathan know that Jessica is going to need a little more than he is willing to give.

The Perfect Deception is the perfect follow-up book to The Perfect Affair (book 1 in the series).  It continues with that same intensity and drama from the first installation and the characters give you all of the drama and crazy that you can handle!  I love the detail that Lovely uses in this book, lets you know that either she has done her research or she is a psychopath but either way it makes for intense reading.  The Perfect Deception does not release until November 25, 2014 but it is available for pre-order so that you can be ready to be deceived right along with the rest of us!

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Love Changes by Terren Grimble

love changesLove ~ noun, a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person: attraction that includes sexual desire : the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship.  Love is something that we should all want and have, the question is, once we obtain it how do maintain that attraction?  We revisit this love in the second installment in this series called Love Changes.

Stacey Jackson has graduated and now lives in Atlanta working for a very prestigious financial firm.  Stacey is climbing the corporate ladder and her boss Kenny Parker is paying attention.  The question is why is Kenny paying attention?  Is it because of Stacey’s skills at work or is it because of her breath-taking beauty?  Kenny knows of Stacey’s relationship with Ronnie but does he care is the question.  Is this going to be an issue or will everything be just fine and business as usual?

Ronnie Morgan Jr. has graduated from Howard University and has finished with his basketball career moving on successfully to his singing career with his friends Ced and Myles to create their singing group Entice.  Things are going great until Ronnie’s ex-girlfriend Kim comes back into the picture.  Kim has no shame when it comes to Ronnie and her love for him and she will do any and everything in her power to get him back.  The one thing that she did not bank on is Stacey and what it will take to get her out of the picture.  Is Kim up for this fight or will Stacey let Ronnie go without a fight.  Is their love strong enough for this bump in the road?

Love Changes is a feel good romance novel.  Grimble has these characters interacting with each other like you are watching a movie.  You can feel their emotions and understand what they are going through.  It is like you are seeing a part of your own lives replayed.  This could have been any of our story at any time and that is what makes this an excellent story, you can see yourself as the main character.  I have enjoyed this series and I absolutely look forward to reading more from Grimble in the future.

Love Changes can be purchased through (Paperback and Kindle), (Paperback only) and the author’s website:

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