Budussy2 by Eros

budussy 2There aren’t many things that connect people from different walks of life but the one thing that does is sex. No matter who they are or where they come from if they are sexually attracted to each other, nothing else matters.

Paul and Joyce Ware return in this second installment as the last episode ended, happy with no problems.  That is until one day Paul goes for his daily run and falls into a hole that he is going to have problems getting out of. Brenda and David Forbes are the longtime next door neighbors of The Wares and their daughters are best friends and go to college together.  How can one sunny morning almost destroy this longtime friendship and how will the daughters react?

District Attorney Jean Parker is taking down crime one criminal at a time and she cuts no one any slack.  When she runs up against her biggest problem yet Robert Foster AKA Mr. Biggs she is warned by her fiance Web Johnson not to take it personally but little does Parker know Mr Biggs is not the one she should be worried about.

Budussy 2 is bringing in some new characters to the cast that is bringing out and expanding the storyline.  It gives the story more direction to go in than just sex. There is sex in there don’t get me wrong the book wouldn’t live up to its name if their wasn’t sex in there, but it isn’t as intense as in book one and for ME that makes the book better.  The characters have substance and purpose and we see them going somewhere, I truly enjoyed this second installment of the series.  I look forward to reading more from Eros in the future.

Budussy 2 is available for purchase through Amazon.com in Kindle only.

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Secrets & Sins by Eros

Secrets & SinsIn life we make decisions based on many factors and the one thing we learn is that we must deal with the consequences of our actions.  Sometimes the results are favorable but other times the fallout is one that affects not only us but others also.

Lawaun, Brad and JoJo are cousins who have grown up together after finally being reunited and they are thick as thieves.  Brad and JoJo are the muscle and Lawaun is the thinker of the trio, always trying to keep a level head and figure out a way for a better come-up.  When Brad is beaten up and left for dead, the trio can not let that stand.  After delivering revenge on Brad’s assailants, the trio leave and start a new life in New York City.  Lawaun starts thinking of ways to get money to survive and runs into the one man who can make it happen for them, but why settle for mere hundreds of thousands when you can have all of it.  Let the game of cat and mouse begin, who will be chasing whom and in the end who will win ~ the trio from Atlanta for the slickster that they hooked up with in NYC?

Secrets & Sins is an erotic thriller because you can’t have men in a book without them having companionship now can we?  I am labeling it a thriller because it has all the qualities that is needed to keep you on the edge of your seat and wondering what is going to happen next.  It shows the growth of this author in maintaining a strong story line and following through to the end.  I enjoyed this book and I look forward to reading more of this author’s work.

Secrets & Sins is available for purchase through Amazon.com in Kindle only.

Duplicity by Oasis

Zane Presents: Duplicity, A Novel by Oasis is novel written especially for me!!!!! This is a thinking person book because of the twists and turns. Just when you thnk that you have it all figured out, then BAM! there is another twist!

Parrish Clovis and his sister Tuesday have had a VERY hard childhood and in turn it has affected their adult lives. Their mother Catherine will never win mother of the year and the pain that she has caused both of them – mentally and physically will determine how they live the rest of ther lives. Parrish and Tuesdays father has left them very wealthy and because of that they are encountering major life-threatening problems as result.

Parrish is a motion-picture mogul and has married a famous movie star, Hana Kafka and thinks that his life is just great until he starts having blackouts and memory loss.

Tuesday is so damaged from the treatment from her mother Catherine, that all she does is drink, do drugs and have casual sex with both men and women.

Through a series of events, Parrish is arrested for raping and brutally assulting his wife and no one will believe his story because he can’t remember just what happened. Events are set into motion and it seems like everyone in the book is not who they say that they are and out for more than what they deserve.

This is an excellent mystery novel and even though it is a Zane Presents novel, it is low key and laid back and will keep your mind working and turning until you turn the last page! I suggest that you get this book right now and don’t get up until you are done!!!!!

Duplicity can be purchased through Amazon.com (paperback and Kindle) and wherever books are sold.

Crush by Michele Grant, Lutishia Lovely and Cydney Rax

How hard is it to function in life if you have a crush on someone? Is a crush just fantasy, a desire or is it an obsession? In this book we have three novella letting us know just what happens when you have a crush on someone or they have a crush on you.

Jayla Lane is a career-driven woman and nothing or no one can get in her way! The only pleasure that she experiences in her dull and drab life now are her weekly visits to see her spicy 80-year old grandmother Ethel Joy. But when Jayla leave work one night and goes over to the neighborhood coffee shop to grab something to drink and meets the most mouth-watering man in her life, he gives her pause. Should she approach him or just walk away? Only Jayla knows for sure and you will enjoy the journey to find our her decision.

Chaz Covington is a very sexy and successful lawyer with a large following of women who want to bed him. When he starts to receive anonymous letters at the office of a VERY sensual and sexual nature he starts to get worried and intrigued at the same time. Who could be sending these letters and is it who he suspects? The only way to absolutely find out is to finally set up a meeting but what will happen when he finally meets his mystery woman, will he be suprised and glad or will he be disappointed and leave? There is only one way to find out!

Lorraine Eafford is a beautiful, educated, woman with a great job and everything that she wants – except a man. Lorraine’s ex-boyfriend, Posse was the love of her life but was a little too streetwise for her. Once Lorraine decided that she needs to consume herself in all work and no play she then bumps into her co-worker Wendell Holmes at the movies and she starts to wonder if there could another to replace Posse. Getting to know Wendell on a more personal level Lorraine comes to the conclusion that He might be the one, or is he?!?!?

Crush is a very sensual book from three very intense authors who keep you interested in their stories. Michele Grant, Lutishia Lovely and Cydney Rax are welcomed on my bookshelf at anytime.

This book can be purchased at Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle.

Next Door Nympho by C.J. Hudson

Nymphomaniac – Excessive sexual desire in and behavior by a female. That is the description for one female but when you have three friends who are nymphos what you have is trouble!

Diamond, Essence and Angie have been friends since high school and their relationship is true but tumultuous at best. They stick together like glue but appears to be in constant competition with each other to see who can have some form of sex with as many men as possible. Their reasons for wanting to sex every man that they see may be different but the end result is always the same. Angie is the least complex person of the group she knows what she wants and she already has it so she is just along for the ride to kick it with her girls. Essence is low key about the sex games she likes to play but she has an agenda and nothing or no one will stop her! Diamond is the biggest threat of all, she is hot to trot and is willing to sex every man she sees no matter who they belong to. Diamond is fulfilling all of her sexual needs for a different reason than her girls but her reason is more similar than she even realizes. The friendship that these girls have is intense but one thing is for sure, it is never a dull moment! They will not stop in their quest to have as much sex as possible, even if it kills them!

Next Door Nympho is urban drama but a thriller also. It gives you the excitement of life in the hood and keeps you on edge trying to figure out “who-done-it”. Kudos to C.J. Hudson on this novel, I look forward to reading more of his works!

This book can be purchased through Amazon.com (both paperback and Kindle), BN.com (both paperback and Nook), Walmart, Target and the publishers website, http://www.lcbllc.net/.

Reality, Dreams and Nightmares by Gaiven Clairmont

Reality, Dreams and Nightmares will having you rethinking if your life is real or Memorex! How would you feel if you find yourself married to the perfect man? Perfect in your eyes that is. He is a provider, a protector, a lover and your best friend but not even your family or friends want to have anything to do with him. Welcome to the life of Kimberly and Ricardo Rodgers. Ricardo is the bread winner in the family and Kimberly is a trophy wife, she gets to stay in her beautiful million dollar home, drives a fast and sexy Audi TT, has all the clothes and jewelry that she wants, comes and goes as she pleases and is sexy and beautiful to top it off. But the one thing that she doesn’t have on a regular basis is her husband Ricardo. He is a very important engineer with his company and that requires him to travel a little too much for Kimberly liking. But Kimberly has other things to do to entertain herself while Ricardo is away, like hanging out with her best friend Alicia. But what happens when loneliness becomes too much for her and she turns to her husband’s best friend Christopher for reassurances? It begins a life of twists and turns, adultery, and even murder! But is this reality, a dream or your worst nightmare?

Gaiven Clairmont is a very skilled writer because he doesn’t use traditional writing styles. He is an poet and poetry is his writing style but within that is the story. It is not hard to follow and this writing style which might not be good for everyone but it suites Gaiven very well. The text is very erotic and sensual but not raunchy and sexual. You can understand from his descriptions what is going on and enjoy the story with no problem. While it is written in UK english and not US english, there is no language barrier and you will enjoy the suspense in the story and you will be engaged through the entire book. I have enjoyed Reality, Dreams and Nightmares by Gaiven Clairmont and I look forward to reading more of his works in the future.

You can purchase Reality, Dreams and Nightmares on Kindle.