Uptown Princess by Quiana

Living the glamorous life isn’t all it is cracked up to be especially when you are a self proclaimed Uptown Princess trying to be the Queen Bee.   There is always one person who will always make you understand that you are nothing but a worker bee.

Princess is a 18-year-old from Uptown Philadelphia and proud of it.  She is 5’7′, sun-bronzed reddish-brown skin, full pink lip, shoulder length jet black hair and a bright smile.  She has just graduated high school and has her entire life in front of her but she is blinded by flashy cars, shopping sprees and false sense of love and security.  Bored with her life, she decides to go along with Mace on a whirlwind trip to Las Vegas but what started out as fun in the sun with the love of her life turned into life in a living hell!  Once Princess realized what Mace was really like then she wanted to click her heels like Dorothy and return Kansas.  Someone should have told her that when you wish upon a star you don’t always get your wish!

Mace is the type of man who see what he wants and goes right after it.  He is suave, good-looking and he treats women the way that they have never been treated by any other man.  Any woman would be crazy not to want to be with Mace with all that he has to offer her, but what she doesn’t realize is that everything comes with a price.  He is paying up front but please believe that he is going to get his money back and some.

Uptown Princess is a story of  how quickly life can change when you think that you can hustle a hustler.  Quiana has given us a story that shows us her different writing styles and versatility from her previous works and that shows growth as a writer.  Very good job, keep up the good work.

Uptown Princess can be purchased through Amazon.com (Kindle only), BN.com (Nook only) and Smashwords.com.

Perfectly Designed by Daphne Douglas

Love is such a wonderful thing to be shared between two people, building memories that will last a lifetime.  How do you handle it when your memory is snatched from you but your body and heart has a memory of its own?

Nikki Phillips is a beautiful woman of twenty-four years old who has everything going for her, graduated from Tuskegee University summa cum laude, has a very promising career as an architect at one of the top architectural firms in the city, friends and family that love her very much and a fiance’ that worships the ground that she walks on.  After a work site accident, Nikki is in a coma and when she finally wakes from the coma everything comes to her but the one thing that she needed to sustain her love for the man that she plans to marry.

Trevon Williams is every woman dream, six-foot four inches, hazel eyes, curly hair, bronze complexion with a body of a greek god and can have any woman that he chooses.  Trey is the love them and leave them kind of guy and the women don’t mind that at all, that is until he is reintroduced to Nikki.  Nikki has always been around Trey because she is his brother Brian’s friend and because she is four years younger he never gave her the attention that she desired, until now.

Perfectly Designed is a beautifully written love story.  It gives you everything that you need to keep you engrossed in the story.  Great character interaction, drama, action, suspense, heartache and joy.  Daphne Douglas has written this story very well and I look forward to reading more of her work.  Great job, continued success.

Perfectly Designed can be purchased through Amazon.com (paperback and Kindle), BN.com (paperback and Nook)and the author’s website:  http://www.daphnedouglas.com/.

‘Til It Happens To You by Kristofer Clarke

‘Til It Happens To You is the follow-up book to Less Than Perfect Circumstance and it brings us back to two of our favorite guys Trevor and Jackson and life with them as they start their lives over after love tragedies.

Trevor Harrison is ready for love, always has been and has love to give.  After finally getting over his break-up from Kelvin, he is ready to go on with his life and he is happy.  Trevor has a very successful architectural business and he is very on his way, love is smiling in his face and life is grand.  Grand until the phone calls from the unknown caller starts to put doubt in Trevor’s mind.

Jackson Bradley is right there ready to receive the love that Trevor is giving out.  Jackson is kind, loving and everything that Trevor could ever ask for in a partner.  Jackson has something that he needs to tell Trevor about his past, but when will it be the right time to tell Trevor, will there ever be a right time?

Kristofer Clarke shows his literary growth in the second novel.  I like this story, his storyline is stronger.  I like the suspense of the mystery character, it had me guessing throughout the entire book and the twist of who it was made me say WOW!  Good job, looking forward to seeing much more from Clarke in the future!

‘Til It Happens to you can be purchased through Amazon.com (paperback and Kindle), BN.com (paperback and Nook) and the authors website:  http://kristoferclarke.webs.com/.

Theresa In Wonderland by Dominique Wilkins

Friendship is a word that should not be taken lightly and if you have a person in your life that considers you a true friend you should value that, but some people don’t truly understand the real meaning of the word and just throw your friendship out like trash at the end of the day.

Theresa Mallory and Tina Pettiford have been best friends since college and the way that they became best friend is not your normal way that you become best friends, it involved a fight but nevertheless they became best friends.  Now in their 40’s they are living their lives, having up’s and down’s and they are still there for each other.  Theresa is married to the love of her life, Joe with four children and Tina is loving man after man.  But through it all, they still remain best friends.  One dreaded day a series of events happen to change Theresa and Tina lives forever, the question is can the friendship sustain these events or are these events too much for even this friendship?

Theresa In Wonderland is a very quick read, just 47 pages, but it sends you on a rollercoaster ride during those pages.  Wilkins gives you lots of energy and drama to hold you during this short story that it makes you feel like it is a much longer story.  I enjoyed the flow and the storyline and I look forward to reading more of her work.  Great job, keep up the good work!  Continued success!

Theresa In Wonderland can be purchased through Amazon.con in paperback and Kindle.

Counterfeit Dreams by Sasha Ravae

Love is one of those emotions that should much easier than it is but as the old saying goes, you can’t help who you love.  But the question is:  Is love supposed to hurt?

Reagan Taylor is a beautiful woman who turns heads wherever she goes without even trying to.  She has a natural beauty and a genuine kindness about her that makes men want to cater to her and love her no matter who they are with or who she is with for that matter.  Cameron “Styles” Johnson is an NBA star and Reagan’s boyfriend of seven years and loves her but he has a lot of love to spread around and doesn’t mind doing just that.  Robyn Johnson is Cameron’s sister and Reagan’s best friend.  When Reagan and Styles start having problems, Reagan and Robyn go out and have a night on the town to get Reagan mind off of her problems at home.  Robyn meets her newest conquest Brandon and his friend Jewel who appear to be cool people but there is something about these men that change these women lives forever.  Robyn and Reagan are thicker than thieves but through various situations Reagan will be shown that blood is thicker than water.

Counterfeit Dreams is the first book by Sasha Ravae but I do not see it as her last.  She is on point with her freshman novel, her storyline is very strong, her characters are well-defined and the flow of the book is great.  I look forward to seeing more  work from Ravae in the future.  Great start to a very promising future.

Counterfeit Dreams can be purchased through Amazon.com (paperback and Kindle) and  BN.com (paperback and Nook).

Less Than Perfect Circumstance by Kristofer Clarke

Six degrees of separation stories are my favorite because I love to see how the author makes the connections and you will see that in this story.

Dexter DeGregory is a prominent DC attorney who has been in a horrible car accident, physically he only sustained a scar but his deep mental scars is where his problem lies.  Will they ever heal or will Dexter just continue to just deal with them?  Who or where is he looking for love from and will he ever find it?

Trevor Harrison is a very successful architect who has just landed a contract that will put his architect business over the top!  But even with all of the pending success, it still isn’t enough if he doesn’t have the one that he loves around to share it with.

Belinda Todson is what you would describe as beauty and class all rolled into one.  She comes from a wealthy family and then she married money so she is used to having the finer things but as they say money can’t buy you happiness, right?

Less Than Perfect Circumstance is a book about love and love lost and how to bounce back from lost love, if that is possible.  Clarke gives you everything that you need to keep the storyline going, it is a little slow at points and there are some editing errors but I love the six degrees of separation concept.  Looking forward to more of Clarke’s work in the future.

Less Than Perfect Circumstance is available for purchase through Amazon.com (paperback and Kindle), BN.com (paperback and Nook) and the author’s website:  http://www.kristoferclarke.webs.com/.

Show and Tell by Niobia Bryant

If you are lucky, you will have one real and true friend in life, but when you have three, you are unstoppable!!!!!

Four teenage girls become fast friends and are soon inseparable and because they are sweet and bubbly they decide on nicknaming themselves after champagnes: Monica= Alize, Latoya=Moet, Keesha=Dom and Danielle=Cristal. That was the beginning of a lifelong friendship! Life throws the girls some real challenges and they have to figure out if they are going to sink or swim and if their friendship will survive the trials and tribulations that they face. But the one thing that they know for sure is no matter what, TRUE FRIENDS will be there till the end.

I truly enjoyed reading this book, Niobia Bryant is a great writer and her storylines are very strong. There is no way that you will want to put this book down once you pick it up! You will be talking to the characters all through out the book! Excellent read!!!!!

Show and Tell is available for purchase through Amazon.com (paperback and Kindle), BN.com (paperback and Nook) and anywhere books are sold.