Remove The Fig Leaves by Carla Terrell

remove the fig leavesFate:  the will or principle or determining cause by which things in general are believed to come to be as they are or events to happen as they do.  Destiny: a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency.  Two words we just throw around in everyday speaking but don’t realize how much power is behind the words or even the meanings, is the meaning true or do we even want it to be true?  What is our fate?  Is this my destiny?

Dr. Preston Good is a infertility specialist at The Miracle Infertility Clinic and one of the top in his field.  He has a thriving practice with many satisfied patients and he has his share famous clients.  Dr. Good has worked hard at managing his time between his work at the clinic and volunteer time at the hospital and other clinics and his time at church so that doesn’t leave much time for a social life but that is just fine with Dr. Good, or is it?

Pete and Lola Cartwright have turned to The Miracle infertility Clinic to help them become parents and are clients of Dr. Good.  From the very beginning they have great working relationship, Pete is a NFL player and Dr. Good is one of his biggest fans so it is an honor for Dr. Good to help them.  Pete being the God-fearing man that he is believes that they were sent to Dr. Good for what he can provide for their family, but at the time little did Pete know or understand how deep that would go.

Remove the Fig Leaves is a Christian Fiction novel that will leave you feeling good when you finish it.  It has a very complete and strong storyline that gives you various range of emotions but will leave you satisfied in the end.  It is a christian fiction book that is not preachy, it shows you morals and if you have them you understand this book.  As long as you know how to read I would recommend this book to everyone, not genre specific ~ from young adults to grandmothers and everyone in between will enjoy this book and all book clubs.  I look forward to reading more from Carla Terrell in the future.

Remove The Fig Leaves can be purchased through (paperback and Kindle) and (paperback only).

Dead End II ~ Pierre’s Story by J. Anthony Graves

dead end IIThe saying goes “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, if this statement is true then some of us should be as strong as a brick wall.  The process that you go through that makes you stronger is what gives you character and that is what makes us who we are!

Curtis and Alonzo were teenage brothers growing up in a single parent household on the East Side of Chicago with their mother Carmen.  Because of their neighborhood and the lack of a male figure in the house, naturally they were adopted into the neighborhood gang The Comrades, which was fine by them.  One day when their mother disappeared never to return, things changed quickly for both of the boys into a life that they wanted but not sure if they could handle.  Curtis, now going as Pierre is meeting more challenges as he grows older in the gang and is quickly finding out that he needs to prove himself.  Meeting challenge after challenge is becoming less and less difficult but more and more trying.  Is this really the life that he wants to live or is this his only way out?

Dead End II ~ Pierre’s Story is a coming of age story about one of the major characters in Dead End, the first novel by J. Anthony Graves.  This gives us the back story on Pierre and how he became the man that he was in that book.  It is a very well written novel, with a lot of local/regional terminology that helps you get into the character frame of mind.  You don’t get lost in trying to figure out what the author is talking about.  I love this side of the author, waiting to see more from him.

Dead End II ~ Pierre’s Story can be purchased through in paperback and on the author’s website

Dead End by J. Anthony Graves

dead endThere is not a person in this life who doesn’t want to live the good life and have the best of things but how hard are you willing to work to get those things?  Is it worth the blood, sweat and tears or do you want the easy way out?

Legend Hamilton is a very simple and straight to the point man.  He attended Southern Illinois University with a major in pre-law with aspirations of becoming the best criminal defense lawyer in Chicago.  All of that came to a screeching halt when he got put on academic probation and went back to the East Side of Chicago to doing what he and his friends do best, slinging dope.

Imani, Legend’s girlfriend just wants what everyone wants, a piece of the pie.  She wants her house with the white picked fence, two and a half kids and a dog.  She most definitely wants to move out of the ghetto but making Legend see how important that is to her is going to be more of a task than she is willing to partake in so she will just have to find other ways to achieve her ultimate goal of being successful ~ with or without Legend.

Antonio Freeman AKA Black, is Legend’s best friend since first grade and when you see one you can bet the other is not far away.  Black and Legend are trying to build their way to the top of the food chain in Chicago’s drug world and they know that there are some obstacles to overcome to get there but they can and will achieve their goal because they have each other’s back.  Anyone that gets in their way better beware because they are a force to be dealt with.

J. Anthony Graves has penned a very exciting novel into the life of Chicago’s drug trade.  It is a very interesting story with a strong storyline.  The characters compliment each other and keep you  engrossed in the story.  The content has you sitting back talking to the book waiting to turn the page to see what it coming next.  I truly enjoyed this read and can’t wait to read the next installment.

Dead End can be purchased through in paperback.

Truth, Lies and Confessions Act I by Rahiem Brooks

Truth lies and confessions act 1Most people are living paycheck to paycheck in today’s society but how are you supposed to survive when you receive a paycheck and you are still homeless?  It is a fine line that many straddle on a daily basis and don’t even realize it.

Lt. Detective Brandi and Rev. John Brown woke up one Christmas morning to find that their son Michael was missing.  Though there was a note stating that Michael left on his own, his mother believes that he could never leave and had to be kidnapped because he loves his parents, right?

Kristofer Whitley is Sr. VP of Marketing for Rothman and Wong Advertising, Inc and life seems to be going just great, awesome job with an entire wing named after him, state of the art apartment with more room than he needed, and a trophy wife that loved him.  The only thing that Kristofer is missing is the only thing that money can’t buy.

Meechie, Lou and Michael are a trio that sticks together because of their circumstances.  All three are homeless and living in a shelter but they look out for each other, but what will it take for them to become better and more productive people?  Will they let their situation dictate who they are and who they will become or will they take the bull by the horns and throw it to the ground and conquer it?

Truth, Lies and Confessions Act I is a very compelling story about homelessness and how easy it is to get in that situation.  Brooks has taken us into the lives of these families and told their story about how and why they   are where they are today.  It is a very gripping tale that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting on the next act.  Kudos to Brooks once again!

Truth, Lies and Confessions Act I is available for purchase on in Kindle only and iBook.

Fancy by Vanna B.

FancyHow far will you go to have champagne wishes and caviar dreams?  Does it mean selling your soul to the devil or just forgetting who you are as a person and stepping on everyone that you know and love in order to get there?

Maribel Alvarez is a very smart, nerdy girl. A beautiful girl who feels like she doesn’t fit in with anyone and the one person who she fits in with is her total opposite.  Shawna dressed like and could pass for a boy on first glance and even called herself “Shawn”, but was the best friend that a person could ever have.  Through this friendship Shawn helped Maribel realize that she was somebody, that she was Fancy!  Life goes on for Fancy and as she lives and learns through the years she is wondering who and what she really is.  How did she get to this point and where does she go from here?  Through a series of events Fancy will learn some lessons about life that she might not have wanted to learn but will forever be grateful for them.  But will she learn from the ultimate lesson that is given?

Fancy is a very well written and put together story.  I enjoyed the flow of the story and the storyline kept you engrossed.  Vanna B has something going with this story and I can’t wait to see how it ends.

Fancy by Vanna B is available for purchase through (paperback and Kindle) and (paperback and Nook).

Deadly Vows by Robert Marsh

Deadly VowsDeadly Vows is written from the views of a deep, dark mind with much to say.  It tells stories of hurt and pain that  you have never experienced before and seen on paper at the same time.  Deadly Vows will take you on a journey through the mind of author Robert Marsh and how he processes this pain.  It is a graphic tale of death and mayhem and if you can handle it you will enjoy the ride.  This is a book of short poems that vows death and payback to the person that has caused this pain.  There were some editing issues but not enough to stop the flow of the book.

Deadly Vows can be purchased through (paperback and Kindle) and (paperback and Nook).