Dead End II ~ Pierre’s Story by J. Anthony Graves

dead end IIThe saying goes “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, if this statement is true then some of us should be as strong as a brick wall.  The process that you go through that makes you stronger is what gives you character and that is what makes us who we are!

Curtis and Alonzo were teenage brothers growing up in a single parent household on the East Side of Chicago with their mother Carmen.  Because of their neighborhood and the lack of a male figure in the house, naturally they were adopted into the neighborhood gang The Comrades, which was fine by them.  One day when their mother disappeared never to return, things changed quickly for both of the boys into a life that they wanted but not sure if they could handle.  Curtis, now going as Pierre is meeting more challenges as he grows older in the gang and is quickly finding out that he needs to prove himself.  Meeting challenge after challenge is becoming less and less difficult but more and more trying.  Is this really the life that he wants to live or is this his only way out?

Dead End II ~ Pierre’s Story is a coming of age story about one of the major characters in Dead End, the first novel by J. Anthony Graves.  This gives us the back story on Pierre and how he became the man that he was in that book.  It is a very well written novel, with a lot of local/regional terminology that helps you get into the character frame of mind.  You don’t get lost in trying to figure out what the author is talking about.  I love this side of the author, waiting to see more from him.

Dead End II ~ Pierre’s Story can be purchased through in paperback and on the author’s website