Horny As Hell: The Pete Maggs Story by N.S. Ugezene

Sex is a very strong emotion, but when you let it consume your life it is going to either cause you problems or you are going to be the happiest person on earth.

Pete Maggs life started out very complicated.  Born to a parents who had a very complicated relationship so therefore it created a domino effect growing up for Pete to learn and understand relationships.  The only thing that Pete did know was that as a teenager he was taught about sex by a classmate and he liked it ~ as most teens do.  This started his life of being in a constant state of horniness but not sure if he wanted to be in relationships because he didn’t understand them.  Pete’s life is very complicated, horny but complicated.

Horny As Hell was a very hard read for me.  This book was very slow to me, I had a hard time concentrating on Pete’s character and his dialogue with other characters.  It seemed like he was mentally challenged with the way he interacted with the other characters.  The writing just didn’t seem like it was solid, the thought process was inconclusive and often left me wondering at the end of a paragraph or chapter.  This book needs better character development and clearer thought process to help the reader not be so lost.

Horny As Hell can be purchased through Amazon.com (paperback and Kindle) and BN.com (paperback and Nook).

Hoeism: Born To Do It by English Ruler

When a man beds many women he is called a player, and it is ok for men.  When a woman beds many men she is called a hoe and let me tell you it is hard to get away from that unfavorable reputation.

Shanae Alexander is a very popular girl.  Shanae doesn’t have many female friends but she has stacked up the male friends and she keeps them coming back for more.  Maxine is Shanae’s one female friend and she tries to keep her out of trouble but as they say, girls just want to have fun!  Is all that fun going to be enough for Shanae in the long run or is Shanae going to need more?

Melanie Robinson is Shanae’s older more responsible sister who always keeps Shanae out of trouble.  Melanie is the total opposite of Shanae but has no problem taking care of family.  When Shanae brings this latest and biggest problem, is this something that Melanie can fix or will Shanae have to take care of it on her own?

Hoeism is the debut novel for English Ruler and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  It gives you drama, romance, suspense, it just takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions!  I like that there was a six degrees of separation element in there connecting some of the characters and usage of current up-to-date technology.  I look forward to a sequel and future works from this author.  Great start to your writing career, keep up the great job!

Hoeism can be purchased through Amazon.com.