In My Shoes by Brenda Hampton

There comes a time in our lives when we have to reflect back and see how we become the person that we are today and that is what this book is about.  Brenda Hampton has decided to take us into her personal space to see what it was like to be her and how she has become the successful woman that she is.

In My shoes takes us on the journey from Brenda’s humble beginnings where she, her mother and her two sisters moved into a nice neighborhood and that was all that was nice about it.  It was a struggle with three girls in a single parent household so many times they had to wear each others clothes and children are not so kind when they notice that the new kids are school are not only new but poor too.  Needless to say school was tough for Brenda and this caused her to get into a lot of trouble.  When Brenda wasn’t in trouble at school she was confused and not feeling loved at home because of the relationship with her mother.  When you have confusion coming at you from all angles you tend to find solace in the only relationship that you can and that generally is in the form of a boyfriend.  That brings us into Brenda’s dating stage which was very confusing to her because her household was one that did not talk about intimate things like dating and sex and things like that so this is all new to her.  From one new experience to another Brenda takes us on the ups and downs, the ins and outs of her life and how she deals with it, by writing.

I absolutely loved In My Shoes!  Brenda Hampton is one of my favorite authors and for her to take us on such an private and intimate journey of her struggles and what she went through and the thing that kept her sane on most days was her pen and paper.  When she began writing she was just releasing frustrations, but in that she had stories in her and with her vivid imagination and encouragement from her sister she has become the powerhouse that we all come to know and love today!  I went through a range of emotions while reading this book, even stopped to contact her.  I love that she communicates with her fans and is so humble.  Continued success Brenda, the sky is the limit!!!!!!!!

In My Shoes can be purchased through (paperback and Kindle) and (paperback and Nook).

Tales Of An Original Bad Girl by Natoka “Mack Mama” Mackie

Tales Of An Original Bad Girl is an autobiography by Natoka Mackie AKA Mack Mama.  It is a very brave account of her life from very humble beginnings with two heroin addicted parents to the successful woman that she is today.  Natoka
gives a very honest and detailed account of her life and her love for her mother and the ordeals that she had to deal with just to be in her mother’s life and the pain that she went through when her mother died when she was only 16.  This book is not to glamorize any of the wrong that Natoka did but it is showing how she went from a young innocent Natoka to a hardcore gun totting, drug slinging, money loving Mack Mama!

This is Mack Mama’s life.  The good (her daughter Velvet), the bad (her hardcore ways) and the ugly (her prison time) and she is sharing it with us so that someone will learn that there are different and legal way to go about your hustle to become successful.  I commend Natoka for sharing her life with us.  It could not have been easy to pour out your deepest, darkest secrets and expose yourself to the world but she did and she did it her way and for that I say WAY TO GO!!!!  We have seen your life from the beginning to now both in the written word and through pictures and we have gotten a chance to see the you that we might not have gotten a chance to see if we would have only known “Mack Mama” the booster, the criminal, the felon. Continued success and the stars are within your reach!!!

Tales Of An Original Bad Girl is available for purchase on (paperback and Kindle) and