Out For Blood: The Chosen One Has Come (Chosen One series Book 1) by T.P. Miller

out for bloodEveryone wants to be chosen for something, whether it is a sports team a job promotion or that new love.  What does it take to be chosen?  Do you have to be special, possess some sort of special talent, be the prettiest one in the room or just be yourself?  Whatever we do to be chosen for the most part it is exciting, but what do you do when you don’t want to be chosen?  How should you react?  Is there anything that you can do to change the mind of the one doing the choosing?

Lillian Black was just a little girl when her entire life changed.  Lillian woke up to the sounds of the most life-changing events that she will ever experience as a young five-year old child but that would form her life forever.

Nefertiti and Ramesses are married and madly in love.  They had a daughter, Isis who they loved very much but she was violently taken from them and that is a pain that Nefertiti has never gotten over.  Nef and Ram (as they are called for short) have found out that the one who took their young daughter is the same one who caused Nef much pain when she was a small child.  Now it is a matter of exacting revenge on this person, but that is not an easy task.  The person who has caused Nef so much pain since she was a small girl is a vampire and not only just a vampire but the head vampire of The Underground and he has further plans for Nef.  Is there anything that Nef can do to relieve this pain that he has caused or will he continue to cause her pain until her demise?

Out For Blood is the first book in The Chosen One series and it introduces us to the characters who will build our vampire/werwolf adventure.  These characters are animated and there is plenty of drama.  We have time travel, interaction with Greek Gods, and fights with vampires,werewolves and humans.  The book was a little slow going in the beginning but once it got going it held your attention.  Despite the minor editing errors, this is a good story and I look forward to the next installment to see how this all plays out.

Out For Blood: The Chosen One Has Come is available for purchase through Amazon.com (Kindle edition only) and BN.com (Nook edition only).

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Beneath The Willow by Gemma Farrow

Beneath The WillowLove is a wonderful thing and true love is supposed to outlast life itself.  What would you do if you had to put that concept to the test?  Could you love to the death and beyond to honor a promise?

Thomas and Keziah are in love and that is no problem because it works for them.  They have been together for three years and life is great for them until one fateful night when their worlds are turned upside down.  Keziah is involved with a life altering event that will change her and Thomas relationship forever.  A promise is a promise and they are supposed to be kept no matter what but what happens when you don’t, can’t or won’t keep your promise to the one that you claim that you love, then how does the love proceed?  Does love truly extend from life through to death?

Beneath The Willow is a short fantasy/romance story that is full of energy from the word “GO”!  You don’t necessarily have to be into the supernatural to grasp what is going on because if you are a romantic you will totally understand and you will miss the two worlds colliding and grabbing you in.  This is a great read for just forty-three pages, you will read the entire story in one sitting.  Congrats to Gemma Farrow on her freshman works, I look forward to seeing more from her in the future.

Beneath The Willow is available for purchase on Amazon.com and Amazon.com.UK in Kindle edition only.

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Deadly Vows by Robert Marsh

Deadly VowsDeadly Vows is written from the views of a deep, dark mind with much to say.  It tells stories of hurt and pain that  you have never experienced before and seen on paper at the same time.  Deadly Vows will take you on a journey through the mind of author Robert Marsh and how he processes this pain.  It is a graphic tale of death and mayhem and if you can handle it you will enjoy the ride.  This is a book of short poems that vows death and payback to the person that has caused this pain.  There were some editing issues but not enough to stop the flow of the book.

Deadly Vows can be purchased through Amazon.com (paperback and Kindle) and BN.com (paperback and Nook).

Brookwater’s Curse Volume II by Steven Van Patten

THE SAGA CONTINUES!!!!!!!!!!!! Steven Van Patten has continued the awesome series starring Christian Brookwater in this second volume and let me tell you, it has picked up where the first volume left off – biting you in the butt and not letting go!!!!!

Christian Brookwater is a vampire, but his life is like yours and mine – full of ups and downs! In the world that Christian lives in his friends are not your everyday bunch of friends, so to speak. He has of course vampires, then there are Samurai vampires, werewolves and rachasas (shape-shifting cats). He also has an son that he is estranged with who is NOT a vampire, a rebellious granddaughter who listens to no one and a very pregnant girlfriend who rounds out the bunch!

Christian and the crew are in for the battle of their lives when they have to fight the High Counselors who are the Founding Fathers of Vampirism but with his bunch, it seems like an easy fight, or is it? Van Patten will take you through all of the emotions that you would find in any major motion picture: love, hate, life, death, forgiveness, laughter and sorrow.

If you are a fan of vampires, this is a no-brainer but if you are not for sure, please read it anyway because it is written in a way that it could very well be my life or yours. This second installment of the Brookwater series is just as full of energy as the first but with some twists and turns that you will not see coming. Steven Van Patten has outdone himself on this one! Great Job!!!!!

Brookwater’s Curse Volume II is available for purchase through Amazon.com (paperback and Kindle), BN.com (paperback and Nook) and the author’s website:  http://brookwaterscurse.com/.

Brookwater’s Curse by Steven Van Patten

I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone that loves vampires would and should get this book. One of the reasons that I love this book is because of the main character Christian Brookwater. He is an awesome person and a even better vampire. This is not your typical vampire story, this tells you about Christian before he was born so it is giving you his history and keep you going with his birth and life. I will not tell you the book, I will just say that Steven Van Patten has done a great job with the book and I am ordering the sequel right now!!!!! If you have any love of vampires, THIS IS YOUR BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!

You can purchase Brookwater’s curse from Amazon.com (paperback and Kindle), BN.com (paperback and Nook) and the author’s website:  http://brookwaterscurse.com/.