Stalker by Brenda Hampton

When you hear the word stalker you immediately know that there is going to be problems. What causes a person to become a stalker? Basically it is some sort of obsession with a person. But why that particular person? Is it something they said or something they did? Were they extra nice and you took it to mean something else? Is there any way to stop a stalker or do they just stop on their own? Can you persuade the stalker to change their ways or is this something that is just going to have to play out? What do you do?

Abigal Wilson is a divorcee who is trying to get back into the dating scene, with a teenaged daughter to boot.  Her daughter, Kendall, is constantly fighting with her about every little thing. Her biggest fight is about the man she is dating, Brent. Kendall doesn’t like Brent and Abby isn’t listening because she is in love. Abby and Brent have date night one night and afterwards he tells her that they need to have a talk. The bomb he drops on her knocks her off her feet. She is resistant to accept his words and she decided to investigate what he told her. What Abigal finds out crushes her heart but she is not going to leave it at that. She will NOT be treated like this and if she is unhappy, everybody is going to be unhappy! Who if anybody will come out the victor? How will this change the lives of everybody involved?

Stalker, just by the title you can tell it is going to be drama. Whenever you read a Brenda Hampton book you know you are going to get a good story that will keep you on the hook until the last word and then some! This book has the energy that you need so that you will read until it is finished. I am reviewing the Audible version because just looking at the title I knew that this version would have me on the edge of my seat with my mouth agape! The narrator, Patricia Floyd, did not disappoint with this novel. You find yourself talking back and pausing the reading so that you can gather yourself. I loved this book and I certainly am never disappointed when it comes to Hampton. Kudos again on another great novel!

Stalker is available for purchase everywhere books are sold.

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Black President: The World Will Never Be The Same by Brenda Hampton

black president1Being the President of the United States takes a lot of smarts and heart.  There are things that POTUS will undergo that regular people will never have to.  Once you get in office if you don’t show the world that you aren’t scared they will eat you alive and then you will be known as a has been.  How do you go about showing the world that you have earned your title?  Do you go along to get along or do you come out like gangbusters and take the world in your hands?

Stephen C. Jefferson is a no nonsense type of guy.  He is all about business and has no filter.  Once Stephen won the presidency he decided to get started on his agenda that he ran on and anyone who showed that they weren’t loyal was out of the picture.  If you weren’t on Team Jefferson you weren’t on any team at all.  Involved with his team was his mother and his wife, Raynetta and they weren’t exempt from being put off the team.  The one thing is for sure is when Stephen C. Jefferson puts his mind to something he is going to go ahead with it and anyone trying to stop him better beware!

Black President: The World Will Never Be The Same is a book filled with drama!  Clearly from the title you can see that we have another black president but the difference between the two you will see immediately!  The characters will keep you laughing in-between telling them what you think they should or shouldn’t do.  You are reading but it feels like you are watching them on tv and that makes for good reading.  Hampton shows you how a novel is supposed to be written and I always look forward to her next read.

Black President: The World Will Never Be The Same is available everywhere you find your favorite novels, Kindle, Audible and Nook book.

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The Doctor Is In by Carl Weber and Brenda Hampton

THE DOCTOR IS INWhere is the line drawn between obsession and stalking?  How far do you go to show someone that you like them?  How far is too far and how do you know when to stop?  Is there a such thing as a healthy obsession?

Dr. Kasen Phillips is a counselor who has a heart of gold.  He is very empathetic with his patients and that makes for a great counselor and a great man.  The love of his life, Rain, is the woman that he has been waiting for all of his life.  Once it finally clicked that he needs to make some changes for his happiness everything is going so fast he can barely keep up.  Is this the right decision and has he gone about it correctly or has Kasen messed up for good?

Voncile Harper is Dr. Kasen’s office manager and she is very thorough at her job.  She takes taking care of Dr. Kasen and his business very seriously and she will not let anyone interfere with her business.  When Voncile decided that she wanted to do more than take care of Dr. Kasen she sets forth a plan and when that plan gets started, everyone in her way better beware!

The Doctor Is In is a very well written book by two excellent authors.  You always know that you are going to get a great read when you have two powerhouses collaborating. Weber and Hampton have distinct writing styles and you know they are going to give you a story that flows, the characters go well together and it will leave you with a solid feeling that the story is completed.  I look forward to reading more from these authors in the future.

The Doctor Is In is available in various formats everywhere books are sold, Kindle, paperback, hardback, Nook and audible editions.

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Don’t Even Go There by Brenda Hampton

If you are looking for a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat and talking to the book, Don’t Even Go There is the book for you!!!!  Once again, Brenda Hampton is bringing the heat!

Chase Jenkins is the type of woman that every man would love to have by his side, she is drop dead beautiful, has a good job, her own place, is single and spontaneous and risque.  Because of her haunting past, she will never trust a man and moves from one man to the next.  When she comes home early from a business trip to find her boyfriend in the bed with another woman, all hell breaks loose and it will not stop until Chase is ready for it to stop!

Don’t Even Go There is a book that is excellent for everyone especially bookclubs because there is so, so much to talk about!  This book is not part of a series so run out and get it ASAP!!!!!

Don’t Even Go There is available through (paperback and Kindle), (paperback and Nook) and everywhere books are sold.

If Only For One Night by Brenda Hampton and Jaylin’s Angels

If Only For One Night by Brenda Hampton is about Jaylin Jerome Rogers who is a character from Brenda Hampton’s Naughty series, or is he? He is the man that you love to hate and hate to love but one way or the other, whenever anyone mentions Jaylin’s name and you have read the series you stop in your tracks to talk about him! Hampton has created Jaylin a facebook page and his following is so strong (he has over 1700 friends) and the women on this page talk about him so strong and defend his actions that Hampton ran a contest for his fans to write a short story about if they could have only one night with Jaylin how would it go? Hampton picked the best of the entries and dubbed the winners Jaylin Angels and If Only For One Night was born!

The setting of this book is a book club meeting where they start asking Hampton questions about Jaylin and the first question is “is he real?” When Hampton begins to answer a woman steps up from the back of the room and states “yes, he is real because I have had one night with him” and that is how it all begins and let me tell you that as woman after woman after woman comes to speak about their time with Jaylin it is getting hot and steamy in that room! I will not reveal what happens at the end of the book but what I can say is that it is what you are looking for!

This books is an excellent read, hot, spicy, steamy, exciting and brain-numming all in one! I would recommend it to anyone!

If Only for One Night can be purchased on (paperback and Kindle), (paperback and Nook) and on the author’s website:

Slick by Brenda Hampton

What can I say about Slick by Brenda Hampton but GOOD LAWD!!!!!

Jonathan is a big time lawyer in St. Louis who is fine as all get out and can have any woman that he chooses but he is married to Dana, a beautiful woman who he loves with all of his heart. Sylvia is Dana’s best friend and she works for Jonathan as his secretary and Dana’s confidant. When Dana starts having an affair, Sylvia keeps her secret but tells her she needs to stop before she gets caught, but being who she is, Dana will do anything that she wants and chooses not to listen to Sylvia. When Jonathan starts to feel uneasy about what he thinks is going on with Dana and he confides in Sylvia, she is a good friend to both of them and listens and tries to reassure him that nothing is going on. But how can she keep Dana’s secret when Sylvia secretly has feelings for Jonathan and would love to tell him all about Dana.

I guess you could say that this book is the beginning of the Naughty series starring Jaylin Jerome Rogers because Jaylin and Jonathan are good friends and he calls on him when he needs some help.

I would highly recommend you read this book, it is typical Brenda Hampton which means that is it hot and spicy! Fast paced and a great read!

Slick can be purchased through (paperback and Kindle), (paperback and Nook) and anywhere books are sold.

Carl Weber Presents Full Figured Plus Sized Divas by Brenda Hampton and LaJill Hunt

Carl Weber, nationally renown author is the editor of this book, Full Figured Plus Size Divas and he has picked two fantastic authors to co-author, Brenda Hampton (Naughty series) and LaJill Hunt (Around the Way Girls series), and simply put, this book is a HIT!!!!! Each of these two authors have written a novella where the plus size diva is the star (which she should be, hehehe).

Brenda Hampton is giving us a story titled Who Ya Wit. It is a story about a a recently divorced woman named Desa Rae who is feeling a little lost now that she is divorced from the only man that she has ever loved and slept with and her college-aged son who kept secrets about his father and hurt his mother with the revelations. When Desa Rae meets someone new, she is having a hard time with it for a number of reasons but her biggest problem is herself. She is stuck in the past and doesn’t want to let go. But how is she going to be happy if she honestly doesn’t know how?

LaJill Hunt’s story Seven Year Itch is about a woman, Avery who has two loves: her career and her man! While she works hard at both of them she is constantly pulled between them. Her man Duke is the love of her life but is complacent with his mediocre life, he looks at things as “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?” At the same time, she is working on her Master’s and furthering her career which both seem to be moving at a faster pace than Duke! She doesn’t want to choose, she wants them both, but is that possible?

Full Figured Plus Size Divas is two very fast pace and exciting stories that will have you wanting and needing more! Great concept, great authors, great product! Go buy it now!!!!!

Full Figured Plus Sized Divas can be purchased in paperback only through, and wherever books are sold.

Jaylin’s World Dare To Live In It by Brenda Hampton

Brenda Hampton brings us back into Jaylin’s World and my oh my is it a world to be in!

Life is grand for Jaylin and Nokea Rogers. They are living drama-free in Miami Beach with their two kids LJ and Jaylene, Shane has moved there to go into the real estate business with Jaylin and Nanny B is still the strength and backbone of the family. One late night Jaylin gets a phone call that will turn his entire world upside down, forever!

Scorpio Valentino and her husband Bruce are living their lives in St. Louis with their two children Mackenzie and Bruce Jr. Scorpio still owns and runs her salon and her husband is unemployed and not doing anything but causing Scorpio grief. Through a series of events, the family has a car accident and the children are hurt bad. After some discussions with the doctors it is only one thing for Scorpio to do to get some support, call the children’s father!

Living in Jaylin’s World you learn very fast that it is Jaylin’s way or NO WAY! And true to form, he has shown us this yet again. You will see how fast you can lose control of a situation when you are not willing to bend for the person you love more than anything in the world. Brenda Hampton is closing out the Jaylin series in the seventh and final book and I will tell you what a ride it has been! Brenda writes so clear and detailed that I can actually hear Jaylin’s voice while I am reading, you empathize with the characters and you have to take a step back into reality because you are so caught up that you are ACTUALLY in Jaylin’s World with them! I hate to see Jaylin and the crew go but with the way that Brenda Hampton tells a story, I am positive that she will bring us more of that fire and intensity in whatever she writes next. Congratulations on a successful series, my hat goes off to you!

You can purchase this book along with the other 6 books in the Jaylin series from the authors website, If you are just looking to get this installment it is available through paperback and Kindle), (both paperback and Nook), Books-A-Million, Walmart, Target and Black Expressions.

In My Shoes by Brenda Hampton

There comes a time in our lives when we have to reflect back and see how we become the person that we are today and that is what this book is about.  Brenda Hampton has decided to take us into her personal space to see what it was like to be her and how she has become the successful woman that she is.

In My shoes takes us on the journey from Brenda’s humble beginnings where she, her mother and her two sisters moved into a nice neighborhood and that was all that was nice about it.  It was a struggle with three girls in a single parent household so many times they had to wear each others clothes and children are not so kind when they notice that the new kids are school are not only new but poor too.  Needless to say school was tough for Brenda and this caused her to get into a lot of trouble.  When Brenda wasn’t in trouble at school she was confused and not feeling loved at home because of the relationship with her mother.  When you have confusion coming at you from all angles you tend to find solace in the only relationship that you can and that generally is in the form of a boyfriend.  That brings us into Brenda’s dating stage which was very confusing to her because her household was one that did not talk about intimate things like dating and sex and things like that so this is all new to her.  From one new experience to another Brenda takes us on the ups and downs, the ins and outs of her life and how she deals with it, by writing.

I absolutely loved In My Shoes!  Brenda Hampton is one of my favorite authors and for her to take us on such an private and intimate journey of her struggles and what she went through and the thing that kept her sane on most days was her pen and paper.  When she began writing she was just releasing frustrations, but in that she had stories in her and with her vivid imagination and encouragement from her sister she has become the powerhouse that we all come to know and love today!  I went through a range of emotions while reading this book, even stopped to contact her.  I love that she communicates with her fans and is so humble.  Continued success Brenda, the sky is the limit!!!!!!!!

In My Shoes can be purchased through (paperback and Kindle) and (paperback and Nook).