Freak Nasty by Eros (Part 1)



Sex is beautiful.  In some cultures it appears that it is still taboo but it is a natural process between a man and a women (mostly, lol).  There are many levels to sexuality, it can range anywhere from no libido to extremely high.  There are no rules and while it would be great if you were in love that is not always the case.  At the end of the day the main purpose for having sex is to be relaxed and stress free for just a little while.

Vicky Shaw is a successful woman who runs her own entertain agency.  She has multiple clients ranging from anywhere in the sports field to beyond.  Vicky is a self-made woman so therefore she doesn’t need anyone trying to hold her back.  She is dedicated to her work and doesn’t have time for a relationship.  What happens when the possibility of a relationship is thrust upon her?  Does she run or face it head on?

Malik Shabazz is a personal trainer and a very good one.  He has the looks and physique and he has no shortage of clients.  As of late Malik has gotten into the modeling business so he is getting more and more exposure.  The one thing that he is missing is a solid relationship.  Malik feels like he doesn’t have time but is that the truth or is he stalling for another reason?  Does he want to be tied down or does he want to be a ladies man?

Freak Nasty is erotica as you can tell from the title and cover.  If you have ever read Eros work then you know which way this is going.  There is a story line to this read and from what I’m seeing there clearly is going to be a sequel.  It is a quick read for if you are looking to break up your current series or just looking for some relief.  I look forward to the next part because I want to see if my questions are going to be answered.

Freak Nasty is available on Kindle edition on Amazon.

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What That Mouth Do? by Eros

what that mouth doLife is full of ups and downs and good times and bad but at the end of the day life is about working hard and playing harder!  While we are playing we have to remember that actions have consequences so if you are not prepared to deal with them you might want to rethink your steps.

Tay Wilson is a free spirit.  Tay has no responsibilities beyond making sure that she is well taken care of.  She is the friend that you shake your head at for her lifestyle but you secretly want to know what it is like to live like her.

Karen Patterson is the responsible one of the trio.  Karen is married and would never do anything to jeopardize that.  The entire point of going on vacation is to let your hair down where nobody knows you and have a blast.  Is this something that Karen should or would do or will she just sit on the sidelines watching?

Roxy Jones is in a committed relationship, but a committed relationship is not a marriage.  While Roxy loves her relationship she is definitely looking for more.  Will this girl-cation help her with what she wants out of life or will she just go with the status quo?

What That Mouth Do? is a very easy and quick story to get through.  You meet and explore all of the characters, are given situations and solutions to them.  There are no hidden messages, it is a very straight forward book.  The story wraps up clean but I can see where if the author decided to do a sequel which characters are going to be in the forefront.  I enjoyed reading this novel and as always look forward to reading more from Eros.

What That Mouth Do? is available for purchase through on kindle only.

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Keeping Panties by Eros

Keeping PantiesMemorabilia ~  objects or materials that are collected because they are related to a particular event, person, etc.: things collected as souvenirs.  For most people these things have sentimental value, to signify a special occasion.  But when it becomes a game, collecting trophies it is no longer special, it is down right frightening!

Agent Bradshaw is a FBI agent who is unlike any other.  Yes he is dedicated but his dedication goes above and beyond.  When his partner is killed in the line of duty while trying to catch a drug king pin, something seems to change for Bradshaw.  His obsession grows but in the middle of his hunt for this king pin, Bradshaw is haunted by a cold case that just got warmed back up by a serial rapist!  How will Agent Bradshaw work these two horrific cases or will these cases work him ~ to DEATH?!?!?

Keeping Panties is a mystery with a slight sexual undertone.   It has an exciting storyline that keeps you interested and wanting more.  It is a quick read because it is a mere 83 pages but the great thing it there is more to come because there is a Keeping Panties 2 available immediately for you to continue the story!  Great read!  Eros is a multidimensional author because he can write from different genres and keep you interested in all of the reads with the same intensity!  I have watched his writing develop and he if coming into his TRUE writing self!  Continue the great work!

Keeping Panties is available for purchase through in Kindle edition only.

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Budussy2 by Eros

budussy 2There aren’t many things that connect people from different walks of life but the one thing that does is sex. No matter who they are or where they come from if they are sexually attracted to each other, nothing else matters.

Paul and Joyce Ware return in this second installment as the last episode ended, happy with no problems.  That is until one day Paul goes for his daily run and falls into a hole that he is going to have problems getting out of. Brenda and David Forbes are the longtime next door neighbors of The Wares and their daughters are best friends and go to college together.  How can one sunny morning almost destroy this longtime friendship and how will the daughters react?

District Attorney Jean Parker is taking down crime one criminal at a time and she cuts no one any slack.  When she runs up against her biggest problem yet Robert Foster AKA Mr. Biggs she is warned by her fiance Web Johnson not to take it personally but little does Parker know Mr Biggs is not the one she should be worried about.

Budussy 2 is bringing in some new characters to the cast that is bringing out and expanding the storyline.  It gives the story more direction to go in than just sex. There is sex in there don’t get me wrong the book wouldn’t live up to its name if their wasn’t sex in there, but it isn’t as intense as in book one and for ME that makes the book better.  The characters have substance and purpose and we see them going somewhere, I truly enjoyed this second installment of the series.  I look forward to reading more from Eros in the future.

Budussy 2 is available for purchase through in Kindle only.

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The Kingdoms of Sodom and Gomorrah by Eros

KingdomsWhen you hear the names Sodom and Gomorrah there are things that come to mind: Bible, sin, sex, homosexuality, fire and brimstone.  All of these things are true and are touched upon in this novel, with a twist.  This novel by Eros, author of Budussy, is giving a story of the kingdoms of Sodom and Gomorrah from the inside out and it is a very interesting tale.

King Bera is the King of Sodom.  He has a wife, Queen Yaminah and their twin sons Princes Tyrus and Tyson.  King Birsha is King Bera’s first cousin and the King of Gomorrah, he has a wife, Queen Tamara and their son Prince Malachi and daughter Princess Sabina.  These two Kings rule their kingdoms in their own way with their own rules and taxes but the one that is for certain, someone will one day have to replace them as King.  What is being shown is the measures that one will go to in order to obtain a kingdom.  At the end of the day we all must remember, there is only ONE KING.

The Kingdoms Of Sodom and Gomorrah is a very interesting read, it is very intriguing.  It starts out biblically sounds then goes into the sex and debauchery that took place in those times, and it can get pretty intense.  This is a very good read and I commend Eros on writing a book that has anything to deal with the Bible and/or scripture and it is not considered “christian fiction”, great job and keep up the great work.

The Kingdoms of Sodom and Gomorrah and be purchased through in Kindle edition only.

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Secrets & Sins by Eros

Secrets & SinsIn life we make decisions based on many factors and the one thing we learn is that we must deal with the consequences of our actions.  Sometimes the results are favorable but other times the fallout is one that affects not only us but others also.

Lawaun, Brad and JoJo are cousins who have grown up together after finally being reunited and they are thick as thieves.  Brad and JoJo are the muscle and Lawaun is the thinker of the trio, always trying to keep a level head and figure out a way for a better come-up.  When Brad is beaten up and left for dead, the trio can not let that stand.  After delivering revenge on Brad’s assailants, the trio leave and start a new life in New York City.  Lawaun starts thinking of ways to get money to survive and runs into the one man who can make it happen for them, but why settle for mere hundreds of thousands when you can have all of it.  Let the game of cat and mouse begin, who will be chasing whom and in the end who will win ~ the trio from Atlanta for the slickster that they hooked up with in NYC?

Secrets & Sins is an erotic thriller because you can’t have men in a book without them having companionship now can we?  I am labeling it a thriller because it has all the qualities that is needed to keep you on the edge of your seat and wondering what is going to happen next.  It shows the growth of this author in maintaining a strong story line and following through to the end.  I enjoyed this book and I look forward to reading more of this author’s work.

Secrets & Sins is available for purchase through in Kindle only.

Budussy by Eros


The term “budussy” was coined by the late Bernie Mac and it means booty, dick and pussy which is the smells that you smell after a very thorough  sex session.  That is the basis behind this book.  It is full of sex at every turn and it is not for the light hearted but there is a storyline behind it.  In this story you have events ranging from six degrees of separation to karma but it all revolves around sex.

We are all sexual beings.  You learn about sex sometimes at a very young age, or when it is age appropriate, some don’t learn until later in life but the bottom line is that we all know about it and how you learn about it is up to you.  In this story, the main character is a young lady by the name of Felisha aka Fee.  Fee had been curious about sex from a very young age and was slowly learning about sex through various avenues whether it was exploring her body parts with her younger brother to watching or listening to her parents having sex to watching porno but one thing that she knew is that it was for her and she liked it.  Fast forward to Fee going to college, she picks the college that she decided to go to because she wanted to pledge a sorority that is supposedly a myth but she knows in her heart that TSO – Try Sexual Omega truly exists and let me tell you that during her experience she goes from six degrees of separation to karma in 0 to 60 seconds flat!

Budussy does have a storyline to it but it is so laced with sex that sometimes it is hard to find the story.  The characters keep you interested in the story, but the book could have been edited better. There were punctuation, capitalization and some spelling issues but for the most part it did not interfere with the flow of the story or the book.  This is such an explicit book that it is definitely NOT for young eyes or hearts but if you can stand the heat, feel free to step straight into the fire!

You can purchase Budussy in paperback form on, and the publisher’s website: