Packing Heat by Zuri Day

Packing heat

Dreams, we all have them but how many of us follow them?  Does following your dreams require that you are the only one to believe in it or should you have dreamcatchers with you?  Because you ARE the only one who believes in your dream does that deter you from having one or does it make you more determined to achieve that dream?

Janice Baker is your average woman.  She has a great heart, family oriented, goal oriented and has a subtle beauty.  Janice has dreams.  While she has been working hard at them she is trying not to get discouraged.  When it looks like everything is beginning to go her way life hits her with another blow.  Will she ever achieve her dreams or should she just give up.

Douglas Carter is a great man.  He comes from a strong loving family.  He is kind, gentle and handsome.  Any woman would be lucky to have him.  How should Douglas feel when he things that he has found “the one” but she keeps shutting him down?  Should he continue his mundane life or should he try for this new and different adventure that life is offering him?

Packing Heat is the second book in the Blue-Collar Lover series by Zuri Day.  Day is introducing new characters and flashes some of the characters from the first series.  This is a romantic book but not mushy.  The characters show that being friends can lead to more if you want it to.  There is no time in this book where you feel like you are missing something, there is always something to keeps you interested in the story line.  It is a great second book to this series and I look forward to more in this series.

Packing Heat is due to be released in March 2016, so you have time to get the first book Driving Heat.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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The Perfect Revenge (The Shady Sisters Trilogy book 3) by Lutishia Lovely

the perfect revengeREVENGE IS A DISH BEST SERVED COLD ~  That very statement has been used to justify paying someone back for a wrong that you feel that they have done to you.  But how true is that statement?  Revenge and Karma might just go hand in hand when it comes to righting a wrong that you feel has been done.

Jacqueline Tate is BACK!!!  She has been released from prison and is leaving the country for good.  On her way out of the country Jacqueline has to pay a visit to some of the people who she has never forgotten while she was locked up just to make sure that they NEVER forget her either!

Nathan Carver is living his life as best as possible after his near death experience with Jessica.  He has a great job and a wonderfully loving girlfriend Develia, who has been his rock through his trial.  Things are heating up between Nathan and Develia possible wedding bells, but will all of that happen once Nathan has been touched by the angel of death, Jacqueline?

Randall and Sherri Atwater are living a life that they have always dreamed they could live.  Life after Jacqueline is slowly getting back to normal for the Atwaters.  The children are having a normal life again and Randal and Sherri are more in love than ever.  After hearing that Jacqueline had been released from prison they went on high alert, but determination will never stop a person from what they are hell-bent on accomplishing.

Jessica is trying to live a happy life with her husband Vincent and son Dax.  Things are going well for her, they have a great marriage until Jessica is contacted by Jacqueline.  All that has been achieved in her happy life is now at jeopardy due to her sisters influence over her.  How can one woman cause so much despair in the lives of so many?

The Perfect Revenge is the perfect story to wrap up this trilogy.  This book has so much drama in it that you have no other choice but to sit and read it so you will know what happens next!  While you are reading this book you find yourself in your emotions with the characters and you might even be a little mad a some characters saying what you would do if it was you!  I love writing like this, it makes you want to take some sort of action in this drama just to help and that is a sign of an excellent author.  This completes the Shady Sister Trilogy but I do look forward to reading more from Lovely, she keeps us right in the thick of the story!

The Perfect Revenge is due to be released May 26, 2015 so if you have not read the previous two books in this trilogy, The Perfect Affair and The Perfect Deception you have time to catch up!  This book will be available everywhere books are sold and also in Kindle and Nook formats and at the publisher’s website:

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The Perfect Deception by Lutishia Lovely (The Shady Sister Trilogy Book 2)

the perfect deceptionHeaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned ~ William Congreve

Deception ~ the act of making someone believe something that is not true. How many times have we deceived others whether for good or bad?  How many times have you been deceived?  Did you like how it felt either deceiving or being deceived?  We are back with the second installment of the Shady Sister Trilogy, The Perfect Deception and there is some deception going on in this book.  The question is what will the outcome be?  Who will be successful, the deceiver or the person being deceived?

Jessica Bolton is a beautiful, thriving young woman who any man would want but she only has eyes on one man in particular.  Jessica hasn’t always had the confidence needed to have her choice of men, considering the hard upbringing that she has had but she is getting much better.  Jessica is basically a loner so trusting comes hard to her, until she meets Nathan Carver and everything changes.  Nathan is everything that she could every want in a man plus more and Jessica wants that more, but what is stopping her from getting that.

Nathan Carver is a very successful man who comes from a successful family. Nathan doesn’t let his wealth dictate who he is, he has charm and charisma and is handsome to boot so he has no problem getting women.  When Nathan meets Jessica his world stops spinning.  Nathan feels she is the most beautiful, kind, caring woman that he has ever met and he wants her for his own. Nathan realizes that she has had a hard childhood and she is very private but he wants to be there for her to give her whatever she may need.  Little does Nathan know that Jessica is going to need a little more than he is willing to give.

The Perfect Deception is the perfect follow-up book to The Perfect Affair (book 1 in the series).  It continues with that same intensity and drama from the first installation and the characters give you all of the drama and crazy that you can handle!  I love the detail that Lovely uses in this book, lets you know that either she has done her research or she is a psychopath but either way it makes for intense reading.  The Perfect Deception does not release until November 25, 2014 but it is available for pre-order so that you can be ready to be deceived right along with the rest of us!

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The Perfect Affair (The Shady Sisters Trilogy Book 1) by Lutishia Lovely

The Perfect AffairGenerally being in love is a wonderful thing, when two people are involved.  There are dreams of life ever after and smiles and giggles.  Then reality settles in and you wonder where did all of this come from and you are amazed that your dreams did not look like this.  Is it possible to make your dreams turn into reality or are they just that, dreams?

Jacqueline Tate has everything that any woman would want, she is naturally beautiful, has an awesome job that she has dreamed of and is carefree with no worries.  While on assignment, Jacqueline meets one of the scientist that she is to interview.  In the process, the relationship turns from professional to personal and things start to heat up for Jacqueline, but she is determined to remain professional about him.  Through a series of events thing go from 0 to 1000 with Jacqueline and no one can tell her to slow down because she knows and understands her love for him and his love for her, or does she?  Will this be the beginning of a lasting relationship or the ending of a career?

The Perfect Affair is the first book in The Shady Sisters Trilogy and it is starting off with a BANG!  It gives you drama, romance, suspense, everything that you need in a series titled Shady Sisters!  I absolutely love the characters that Lovely has in her novels and this new series is NOT going to disappoint.  I can’t wait for it to be released nationwide for everyone to enjoy it as much as I have.  The Perfect Affair releases nationwide June 2014 so pre-order it now on or

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Too Hot For TV by Cheris Hodges

Too hot for TVEveryday we dream of what our lives would be like if we could have the job of jobs – financial stability, worry-free life, prestige and notability.  How would you handle life if you got the dream job AND the man of your dreams, is that too good to be true?

Imani Gilliam is a beautiful woman and an actress who can’t seem to find the right role to fit her style, whatever that is.  Imani has starred in one movie that was a horrible blemish on her already non-existent resume of acting credits and if she could get that one big break she just knows that she can show the world that she has talent and is more than just a pretty face.  Imani moral standards are admirable but her diva like qualities might just keep her from reaching that dream that she is trying to obtain.

Dr. Raymond Thomas has a struggling clinic in Harlem that he and his partner are keeping open so that the less fortunate seniors who can not afford to travel uptown can have quality health care.  Dr. Thomas is looking for something that can help him and his patients keep the doors open beyond the next couple of days, it looks the donations and funding is running out and he doesn’t know what they are going to do.  There has to be a silver lining somewhere and soon!

Cheris Hodges writes this novel with a very smooth flow.  The characters work well together like you can actually see it happening in real life, Imani could actually be your best friend because we all have dealt with HER before.  It is something that we want to see and believe can happen and therefore we reach for in our personal lives and that makes for a great read.  This is my first read by Hodges but definitely not my last.  Great job, keep up the good work!

Too Hot For TV can be purchased through (paperback and Kindle), (paperback and Nook) and on the publisher’s website:

The Eleventh Commandment by Lutishia Lovely

The Eleventh Commandment

Lutishia Lovely returns back with the eighth installment in the Hallelujah Love series and she does not disappoint.  The same intensity, fire and drama that is on page one is on the last page!

Frieda Moore-Livingston and her husband Dr. Gabriel Livingston are the epitome of opposites attracts:  she is street and would rather listen to rap and he is refined and privileged and would rather listen to Bach.  The one thing they both know is that they love Frieda and for Frieda to be happy, how they go about that might be very different but the result is the same.

Cy and Hope Taylor are living the life that they always dreamed of: beautiful ocean-front property in California, two beautiful healthy children, financially stable and a strong marriage.  There is nothing that could rock this wonderful union, nothing but a blast from the past.  Is that blast from the past enough to set the Taylor’s on edge?

Darius and Bo Crenshaw are two of the most colorful characters of this book.  Darius is an award-winning recording artist and Bo is his legal partner/manager who manages to take care of all of D&C scheduling events and the groupies too.  They live a very comfortable life with shared custody of the child that Darius has with Stacy, but as comfortable as that life is there seems to be something missing for at least one of them.

Stacy and Tony Johnson have been married for three years and are living a good life.  Tony is in the NFL and Stacy has a son by Darius so they are good.  When there are some major lifestyle changes in the Johnson household, will they be able to sustain the strong fairytale marriage that they have had for the past couple of years or is the honeymoon over and is it time to deal with reality?

The Eleventh Commandment is a very well scripted novel that has you living the lives of the characters and talking to the book to tell them what you would do.  I love when the author is so clear with the writing that is draws you into the characters lives that you take the emotional ride right along with them.  Lovely is consistent with her ability to keep us coming back for more, kudos to you!

The Eleventh Commandment is scheduled for release on February 26, 2013 so pre-order your copy through or

Mother Eternal Ann Everlastin’s Dead by Pat G’Orge-Walker

Mother Eternal Ann Everlastin’s Dead was one of the funniest books that I have read in a long time!!!!! Just the names of the characters is going to tell you everything about their personality and Walker does not dissapoint! What Pat G’Orge-Walker does with this book is take you through all of the emotions that you can have and still gives you a storyline that is great. Walker keeps the characters fresh and funny all the while they are keeping themselves confused! It is a great read for anyone, young and old, there is nothing in there that will offend and it will keep a smile on your face. Great Job, great work and keep the great work coming!!!!

Mother Eternal Ann Everlastin’s Dead can be purchased through (paperback), (paperback)  and the publisher’s website: