Passion Power Play ~ Propel Your Passion Into Profitable Results by Lasonda D. Campbell

passion power playGenerally it is hard to review a self-help book because the one person that will see the results first is the person that is reading it, but that is not the case with this book.  Passion Power Play is telling you how to make your passions your dreams if you will, into profitable results.  Campbell is taking us step by step through how to make your dreams a reality and how to turn a profit at the same time.  Many of us have things in our lives that we are passionate about but if you can turn that into profit WHILE doing what you love, why not go for it!  Campbell speaks to us from first hand experience about owning her own placement agency but she has always loved dancing, particularly Swing dance.  Once she started swing dancing she knew right then that this is what she wanted to do for the rest of her days.  How many of us would like to go to work doing something that we absolutely love and it is our  OWN company, not working for someone else?  Campbell shows how to “Campbellize” our lives to make all of this come true.  These are practical steps that we can use in our everyday lives to make what we love to do work for US.

This book is very informative, I have many things highlighted in my own copy and read it in a few hours.  It lets you know that YES YOU CAN!!!!  I encourage anyone and everyone to read this book, even if you don’t want to start a business these principles can be used for the most part in everyday life.

Passion Power Play can be purchased on the author’s website: