Kiss Me Before You Say Goodnight by Keith Kareem Williams

KMBYSGObsession or infatuation, is there a difference?  When you are obsessed you are preoccupied with someone but when you are infatuated you are admiring that person.  But truly is there a major difference?  If all feels the same, right?  The main objective is that your attention is held by a certain person.  What happens when it turns extreme?  Are you capable of walking away or do you have to follow the feeling through?

Omari is a regular guy.  He goes to work and comes home.  There is nothing that stands out in his routine.  Until one day when he goes into a bar to have a drink and realizes that there is a beautiful woman sitting alone.  Being the gentleman that he is he approaches her but what he doesn’t realize is this is probably the worst idea in his entire life.  Omari’s life is turned upside down and trying to figure out how to upright it is going to be the most drastic time in his life.  What should Omari do, he is too deep to turn back?  Will life ever seem normal again or will he be on this whirlwind indefinitely?

Andressa is a beautiful woman, any man can see that if he isn’t vision impaired.  Her physical qualities are enough to make a room full of men pause.  Andressa has a different agenda on her mind but no one would ever have guessed her plan.  Andressa is a very cunning player in this game we call life but while she plays, how many will get hurt?  Is she the best player at this game or will she lose in the end?

Kiss Me Before Saying Goodnight is a romantic suspense novel.  You have two strangers who have a chance meeting and before long they are partners in crime.  They characters are intense and compliment each other which makes the story flow nicely.  It is a short read but it has you reading and watching for more.  Williams is an excellent storyteller and he keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for what is coming next.  Great job once again, you don’t disappoint.

Kiss Me Before Saying Goodnight is available to be purchased from (Paperback), Barnes and Noble ( Paperback) and the author’s website:

  • Paperback: 146 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 17, 2018)
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  • ISBN-13: 978-1723153761
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