Buffalo City Czar by James Scott

buffalo city czarWhen you think of the word Czar you automatically think of a person who is in charge, a person who is in control of everything ~ according to Merriam-Webster it means: one having great power or authority.  It is not often that you see that but when you do the only thing you can do is respect it or suffer the consequences.

Julius Smith grew up in a broken home.  Julius’s mother was married a couple of times but the men continued to leave the family not to return.  This caused the streets and street life to become Julius’s best friend.  At the ripe young age of ten, Julius discovered that he wanted to live the life of a mogul, absorbing any and all information that he could in order to be the best he could be in his future endeavors.  When Julius became a teen he got in trouble with the law and had to serve one year in a juvenile facility only to meet up with his future lifelong friends.  With the help of Black and Mike, Julius took the knowledge that he had obtained and turned it into a very lucrative business.  Julius knew one thing and one thing only, that he wanted to be on top and he would do whatever he needed to do in order to get there.  As the saying goes, be careful of who you step on in your rise to the top because you will definitely see them on your way back down.  Being a successful businessman will gather you many enemies but part of your success is knowing just what to do with them.

Buffalo City Czar is a very intriguing tale of life in the big city.  The characters and their antics make the story flow and keep you so engrossed that you can find out what is going to happen next.  The intensity that this story offers make you scream for more and that is a plus in my book.  The is the freshman novel for this author and I look forward to seeing more from James Scott in the future.

Buffalo City Czar is available in e-book format on Kobo, Nook, Sony E-Reader and iTunes.