Ten Thirty Eight by Chamsil

*****This is a adult erotica novella and so this is my disclaimer – you must be over 18 to purchase and read this book. *****

If you like erotica, then you will LOVE this novella!!!!! Chamsil gives you everything that you need in a short amount of time and leaves you very satisfied!!

Jacorri Isaacs is a 16 year old young man who is trying to find out about himself. He knows the basics but has never gone all the way. Everything that he knows and some things that he might not be sure about will be confirmed or denied as of 10:38 tonight.

This is a short story of about 20 pages so I don’t want to reveal too much information about it but what I can and will say is that this novella is very well written and keeps you interested and definately wanting more! When you get 10:38 you will NOT be dissapointed! I suggest that everyone purchase this story!

Great read and keep up the good work!

Chamsil has written other novels and all of them are available on Smashwords.com and in various e-book formats.

Put A Ring On It by Allison Hobbs

Even though this is a Zane Presents publication, Allison Hobbs is her own woman with a style of her own and she is absolutely FIERCE!!!!!!! Put A Ring On It is 1000% pure unadulterated drama and you will throw your book across the room a couple of times but you will ALWAYS race over to pick it back up to finish!!!!!

You have 3 women who are friends and are having marriage issues like no other! First you have Nivea and Eric who are the ultimate opposites attracts couple. Nivea is college educated, making 6 figures, has a very nice house, beautiful company car and comes from an upstanding family where as Eric is an common blue-collar factory worker with nothing more than his Highlander and his apartment that is a dump (according to Nivea). When Nivea discovers that Eric has been living a secret life, how will she deal with it and will they still be married?

Next you have Harlow and Drake who are the perfect cute couple. Harlow worked for the luxury car dealership that Drake owns and when they hit it off she became basically a kept woman and LOVES it!!!!! When memories from Harlow’s past start to haunt her, how will it effect your current life with Drake and will she ever be able to share her past to work towards her future?

Then there is Vangie, a single mother with her 5-year old son Yuri. Vangie has to rob Peter to pay Paul but in the end she makes it all work out. Shawn, Yuri’s sperm-donor wants to visit to talk to Vangie but she is still so hurt by him not being in Yuri’s life that she almost missed out on a chance of a lifetime – to bring stability to her and Yuri’s life! When the wedding bug is flying around and biting everyone, Vangie gets bit and starts to make plans for her and Shawn but will her fairytale come true?

Put A Ring On It is a keep-you-glued-to-your-seat, high-energy book that will have you screaming at the characters and their antics but in the end, you will be pleased with the final outcome. Allison Hobbs has brought you into a world of 3 women who on any day could be any of us! Great Job and keep up the great work!!!!!

Put A Ring On It can be purchased through Amazon.com on paperback and Kindle, BN.com in paperback and Nook, Target, Walmart, BlackExpressions.com and Books A Million in paperbook and ebook. Also visit the author’s website to see her other masterpieces, http://www.Allisonhobbs.com.

ZANE PRESENTS Deep Throat Diva by Cairo


Zane Presents Deep Throat Diva by Cairo is WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am STILL wiping my forehead from reading this book!!!!

Pasha Willow is a very beautiful, successful woman with EVERYTHING going for her – she is the owner of a very successful beauty salon named Nappy No More, she can buy whatever she wants, has a condo that rivals some millionaires and a man that she loves and he loves her! But when her husband to be Jasper is locked up for 5 years she runs into challenges! Pasha is a VERY, VERY sexual woman but Jasper has told her that if she cheats on him, he will kill her – AND HE MEANS IT!!!!! In the meantime while waiting on Jasper to complete these long five years, Pasha has to come up with something to calm her raging sexual desires!!!!!

Fast-forward to when Jasper has completed his time and is home for good, Pasha is having trouble stopping her dark secret that has been sustaining her while Jasper was locked away. But as they say “what’s done in the dark will ALWAYS come to the light” and when her past is catching up with her, how will she ever be able to keep her secret from Jasper?!?!?!?

Deep Throat Diva is definitely not for the light-hearted. It has VERY ADULT content but it also will have you on the edge of your seat!!!!! The flow of the characters and the high-energy that the storyline has will have you sitting up all night to finish this book!!!!

Cairo is an excellent writer and this is just another example of his talents! I would suggest this book to any person who can handle the content, it is an excellent read!

The book is available on Amazon.com (both paperback and Kindle), BN.com (both paperback and Nook), BAM.com, Walmart and Target.

Silk Volume 1 by Daryl Jarod Randolph

Silk is a book of short tales of erotic nature that will leave you warm and wanting more.  One story doesn’t relate to the next but the one thing that they do have in common is you will enjoy each and every one of them.  At first I though my favorite was “A Lil Phone Bone” but them when I read “Relapse” I was hooked, then “Devotion” totally blew me away.   This is definitely not a book club book but it will absolutely hold your attention.  Even though it is a book of short erotic stories,  it is tastefully written not raunchy or hard core.  Daryl Jarod is very imaginative and  look forward to reading more from him, not only erotica.  This may be his first book but I do not see it as his last.

Silk Volume 1 can be purchased in ebook form only from Amazon.com and BN.com