Budussy by Eros


The term “budussy” was coined by the late Bernie Mac and it means booty, dick and pussy which is the smells that you smell after a very thorough  sex session.  That is the basis behind this book.  It is full of sex at every turn and it is not for the light hearted but there is a storyline behind it.  In this story you have events ranging from six degrees of separation to karma but it all revolves around sex.

We are all sexual beings.  You learn about sex sometimes at a very young age, or when it is age appropriate, some don’t learn until later in life but the bottom line is that we all know about it and how you learn about it is up to you.  In this story, the main character is a young lady by the name of Felisha aka Fee.  Fee had been curious about sex from a very young age and was slowly learning about sex through various avenues whether it was exploring her body parts with her younger brother to watching or listening to her parents having sex to watching porno but one thing that she knew is that it was for her and she liked it.  Fast forward to Fee going to college, she picks the college that she decided to go to because she wanted to pledge a sorority that is supposedly a myth but she knows in her heart that TSO – Try Sexual Omega truly exists and let me tell you that during her experience she goes from six degrees of separation to karma in 0 to 60 seconds flat!

Budussy does have a storyline to it but it is so laced with sex that sometimes it is hard to find the story.  The characters keep you interested in the story, but the book could have been edited better. There were punctuation, capitalization and some spelling issues but for the most part it did not interfere with the flow of the story or the book.  This is such an explicit book that it is definitely NOT for young eyes or hearts but if you can stand the heat, feel free to step straight into the fire!

You can purchase Budussy in paperback form on Amazon.com, BN.com and the publisher’s website:  http://www.bedtimepublishing.com.

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